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I am not a morning person, but somehow I am compelled to wake in the wee hours for fear that I may miss something significant. I have been painting up a storm as of late... i love computer art, but there is something magickal about the eyestraining time consuming tedious work of the brush. I have almost 10 works completed now in large-scale, and three more in the works and 1 on the drawing board. I almost have enough for a showing. I am sooooo excited. Been meeting many new and interesting people as of late. I hope things continue to go as they are. Production is awesome! I am almost back to where I was before Christmas. Scrawny was a setback... but it all worked out well in the end. I have TWO homes now... Not 1 but TWO!!! bot in the city where I like to be... one a nice little apartment in a good neighborhood, and the other a charming flat with a built in art studio! Yay me! Life is good
I hate small towns. It seems that no matter how many times I flee, I always end up back here. Like the jaws of a pitbull, gets me by the throat. Sharp edges sinking into flesh-ripping and tearing. Bleeding me dry. Choking the life from me. I am stagnant, and my soul is wanting. I can see the greener pasture of the city. It beckons to me. For with the noise and bustle, there is peace. Within the chaos, there is balance. Confusion walks hand in hand with harmony.
I have recently had all of my finished work stolen. for those of you who had a drawing coming, i am truly sorry. Starfreak won February's contest for 'The Goddess" I will be making a special peice for her to compensate. again, I am sorry. If you have questions. hit me up.
Well, the mood for the day (week, month, most likely year) is... BEATEN. Relationships-Failed Financial Security-Failed Living Situation-Failed-Failed-Failed Homeless, Cold, Broke, Hungry. I am throwing in the towel on the art. Mother was right. Sarting again from scratch because I no longer have the courage to kill myself. Good night. See you next time.

Select Prints available at 9x12 - 12x12 Original works for sale through me directly. Prices Approx. $50-$100 NEGOTIABLE LIMITED SUPPLY ONLY. AVAILABLE FOR COMMISSIONS. Watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, pencils, oil pastels, and various other mediums... Print and contact information listed at storefront examples below in slideshow

Fractal art prints, canvases, mouse pads, mugs, ect. Are available to purchase at Also, I will create custom fractal Works for use on websites and profiles. Custom Fractals that are made with the intention of being printed will be submitted to Deviant Art and you and the purchaser will pay me directly and in advance. I will then arrange for the print to be made and shipped to the customer directly from Deviant Art. Check the slideshow below to see examples of the Fractals for sale now.

Shop directly online at contact information for me is available on the storefront. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So you want to express yourself on the web or to that special someone. You want to give them something that not only shows them the REAL You, but also will remind them of you for years to come. I am available for commission to work on your current photos, or to arrange a photo session and take some new ones for editing. This is an inexpensive way to get something that will be all you and just as unique and one of a kind as your soul is. The rates for working on existing photos is $15 for the first, and an additional $5 for each additional photo. If you have 5, the 5th one is free. If you require a photo session with me, there will be an additional cost of $10 per hour for as long as you want to shoot. Regular photo editing fees apply to the chosen photos, and if you want copies of the rejected photos as well, there will be a $2 charge per copy. Check out the slide show for examples and ideas. Or, check my gallery at click below for my storefront and contact information

I found this and thought that it was really pretty. I also thought it would be a good reference for those frinds of mine who are not Pagan, but try really hard to understand it for my sake.

The winter just gets me down. I don't have the drive to accomplish anything it seems... My creative drive is at a standstill, I still haven't found a part time job to supplement my income as a starving artist... therefor, everything is at a standstill... It is like it freezes me from the inside out. I wish that I could thaw out my core... maybe I could get something done then. I can't call it depression exactly, at least not in the normal sense of the word, I mean, I am not really sad... just lazy. We just got about a foot of snow, and now it is worse. I just feel like it snowed inside my brain, filling me up and making my soul into a vast empty white void. I suppose it doesn't help matters any that I got into the blowout I did with my mother on Saturday. There is nothing more dissolutioning than your own mother, who is supposed to have your back and be a mecca of encouragment, telling you to give up the art because who would want to buy that anyway? Upon the pinnicle of said argument, yours trully was banished from mother's home with no transportation in the middle of the worst storm of the year, and left to walk the 6 miles to the nearest friends place. She would not even let me use the phone. So, now, I am officially homeless until I move into my new place in 2 weeks. All of this mounting up in my head to create this somewhat uncaring, pessimistic attitude that says, 'Well, Fuck This!' I think I will just drink. Give me a day above thirty degrees so the snow melts, and give me some sunshine... then all will be right with the world, I just know it.
Well, I have met a guy that I really like. I met him on MySpace. We have been hanging out almost constantly since Valentine's Day. We have decided to take it slow, and be friends for now... Roommates actually. He has some issues to deal with (legal), and then come mid march, we should be getting a place together. I know not if we are going to be more than friends yet, which I guess is fine... but all I know is that when he is around, I am content. Moreso than I have been in a long time. He tried to call me yesterday, my mother refused his call. I hate her for it. I am so sad that I couldn't talk to him... I have no clue why it upset me like it did. It felt like my world was falling out from under my feet. I left her house yesterday evening with no intent of ever speaking to her again. This is how much it effected me. Wonder why? I am getting so attached to him so quickly. We get along so well. I hope that everything works out. I hope he knows that while he was away, he was all that was on my mind. We went and picked hi up about a half hour ago... the hug I got was like heaven.
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