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MiSsSaRaH's blog: "RAPTURE LOGS."

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May 25th, 2011~Day 5~ Seventh Entry :


Today proved to be pretty uneventfull. It would seem that Cooper and I have eluded the Zombies for now. We mustn't get too comfortable though. 

Lets see.. so far today I have improved my traps...I have made them more fail proof by adding some cammoflage. I figure if the traps are un noticed then they are more likely to work. 

I worked on my peeks ( the places where I can look out and see whats going on outside of the grange). I sinched them up some, and have secured weaponry at each station. 

So far there has been no sign of any hostiles, no signs of any friendlies either though. I thought at one point today I might have heard some children playing not too far from the grange. There is a possibility that there may be a camp of friendlies near by. Cooper and I will investigate early tomorrow, as long as the coast remains clear.

Cooper seems to be at ease still thus far so it is my best guess that we will be safe here again tonight.



May 24th, 2011~ Day 4~ Sixth Entry :


The traps are set. I fashioned traps to stop the Zombies in their tracks. (I hope). These traps work much like the guillatine . If a Zombie should get past the warning signal which is made from aluminum cans strung up across the entry way to the Grange, then they will trip a line that will drop a rapidly swinging blade, that should slice off their heads. (unless theyre really short).

 I have several view points in the Grange where I am able to see out  from all sides of the bldg. From these points I can fire at intruders. Unless they can prove they are friendlies, they will be shot. 

Cooper is resting soundly at the moment. He doesn't seem to be concerned that there are any intruders wandering about the grounds here at the Grange. I think I will take his calmness as my clue to try and get some rest myself.


May 24th, 2011 ~ Day 4 ~ Fifth Entry :


Cooper and I had to remaine tucked away in the culvert for most of the day yesterday, as the Zombies out numbered us 20-1. Im not sure, but I think they knew we were around, but just coldn't figure out where. 

Finally just before dark, they left. The coast was clear.  Cooper and I set out in search of safer/dryer shelter. 

We stayed off the main roads, and traveled the narrow foot paths through the woods. This was tough as there are many root systems and rocks along the way. 

Stumbling through the dark we were suddenly spotted by a gang of rogue survivors. These are the ones I feared most, as they were not prepared for the worlds end, and had no food supplies. They set chace after us in an attempt to steal my supplies. I knew this would happen!  Running blindly through the woods, Cooper and I came upon an old abandoned Grange Hall.  Following Coopers lead, I trusted that there was no one inside. Once inside, I barracaded the doors and windows. I found a small room in the center of the bldg with no windows. There I was able to light a lamp and prepare some food. 

When I was finished eating, I started plans to set traps for intruders. I also made a weapon stash  to use ,just for the Zombies. They must be beheaded. It is the only way to stop a zombie. I hope it works.

I gathered up a stash of wood to burn in the old pot belly stove that is in the Grange kitchen. There should be enough wood to last a couple weeks here.

This old Grange should provide safe shelter for a little while.


May 23rd, 2011 ~ Day 3 ~ Fourth Entry :


Cold and wet I slept very little last night.  Cooper curled up beside me as if to try and share body heat. He is a smart dog. I'm glad to have him as my companion.

I could hear the rustling of feet near the culvert I'm hiding in. Not sure if it was survivors or more of those Damned Zombies. Never the less I was'nt spotted. Cooper is being very smart through this all and not barking. I think he some how understands the importance of silence during these times.

Breakfast today is cold...I mustn't draw attention by starting a fire. Bread will do..just enough carbs to kep me going. 

Today, Cooper and I must seek out a safer shelter.


May 22nd, 2011~ Day 2~ Third Entry :

Cooper and I had a close call today. As we were walking along we were supprised by a group of what seemed to be survivors, but we were dead wrong. They were the living dead, ZOMBIES.  I knew immediately that we were in big trouble. I had to do something . Thinking fast, I knew that I needed to try to save what amunition I had so I grabbed a spade shovel and began whacking the heads off of the zombies.  They were all around me. I had to keep my dog Cooper from attacking them as I knew what would happen if he were bit by one.  This task proved to be difficult in deed, but somehow, through sheer might and will, I managed. I beheaded the zombies one by one. Exhausted by the days events, I have found shelter in a drainage ditch. I fashioned an  emergency escape route by cutting through the top side of the metal culvert that I was hiding in. Lucky for me there was only one way in as the other end was blocked by debris, and entry was not accessable. I think cooper and I will stay here for the night, it's near dark and I need to eat. Rest comes hard, as I must sleep lightly so I am aware of any danger that may be lurking near by. 


May 22nd, 2011~ Day 2~ Second Entry :

Ok, I managed to walk about 5 miles yesterday dragging all my supplies behind me on a little red wagon that I found abandoned at an empty house.

The skies are still dark and ominous. Narey a sound. No sight of any other survivors yet. I spent the night hunkered down in and old GreyHound bus. Through out the bus there were empty clothing. It was as if all who were riding this bus were raptured right out of their clothes and the clothing was left behind right where each individual was sitting on the bus. Erie feeling.

My dog Cooper is my only companion on this journy and I must take care that he is well provided for. I have rationed his food so it should last for quite some time before running out. I share my water with him as we both need to remain well hydrated. I hope we find some other survivors soon.



First entry : 

I woke this morning to the sound of silence. No cars..No birds singing..no dogs barking. There are no people walking on the sidewalks. Buildings all around me reduced to rubble...the sky ~ dark and lifeless. Not a soul around, only my dog Cooper and me.Where did everyone go? Could it be??? Did it really happen as the all knowing predicted? Did the world end ? If it did, it must of left me behind. In preparation for this day,I stored away non perishable foods, bottled water, medical supplies and weapons. I must seek a safe place to dwell. A place where I can survive, and stow away from any mis fortunates that may have lived through it as I did, for they will hunt me down and kill me for my stash of food items, as there are no extra rations to be found. I fear they may be hostile. I must find a group of friendlies...those that will help me to start life anew on this now  barren planet that came to an end so abruptly on this, the 21st day of May, 2011.


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