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MiSsSaRaH's blog: "SOLDIER"

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The decoration of Veterans’ graves with wreaths from Wreaths across America will take place this Saturday Dec 11

 The plan for  the   Augusta cemeteries is to start at Togus National Cemetery West – Hallowell Rd , at 9am, and then proceed to the Maine State Veterans’ Cemetery on Civic Center Drive in Augusta around 10 am, immediately followed by the Maine State Veterans’ Cemetery – Mt Vernon Rd , this should be around 11 am.

 There will be a formal ceremony at each cemetery at noon to coincide with the ceremony taking place at Arlington National cemetery in Washington , DC . This is a scripted ceremony with the laying of wreaths for each branch of the service, merchant Marines, and a POW/MIA wreath. It would be great to have a Veteran of each branch present at each cemetery to lay the wreath from their branch of service. If you are assisting in decorating graves please plan to return to the Cemetery at Noon for the Ceremony, this is a very important part of the day.

 In addition to Augusta Cemeteries wreaths will be placed at many other locations in Maine , to find one near you, please visit this link:

 Many PGR will be attending the Funeral Service of PVT Buddy Mclean in Rumford , Maine on Saturday.    We have been working with other Veteran’s group to assist with the Wreath Decorating and the Noon ceremonies.  I am pleased that we have had several groups step up and pinch-hit for us, my sincere thanks goes out to all who have volunteered to help with this special event, and to the Worcester Wreath Company for what they do. 

Please pass the word that the public is welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Volunteers to contact at each cemetery for information or to offer your assistance are:

Togus - John McCutcheon - Maine SubVets

Togus - Louis "Sandy" Petersen - Maine VFW

Civic Center Drive - Kaye Bouchard - Senior Ride Captain PGR & ALR member

Civic Center Drive - Paul L'Heureux - Director ALR & PGR member

Mt Vernon - Colin Hewitt - Director ALR Post 40 & PGR member

Contact any of these volunteers at their respective locations for instructions or to offer your assistance.  Thank you. 

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