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Just wanted to warn some people that if they are no longer on my friends list, there's a reason why. Some people i have not heard from for months, others just wanted me to add them for whatever reason, or to see my private pics, ya well thats changing. I have over 200 people on my list and i may talk to a handful, and told myself i wasnt gonna do what i did on myspace. Normally i dont bitch about much at all, but this is becoming ridiculous. Even when i leave comments for my "friends" shit i dont hear a thing from them, so ya cleaning time. So to any of you who chat with me, disregard this, cuz i appreciate you all and all of you are wonderful in one way or another, and i thank you dearly for at least saying hi from time to time. k i'm done bitching, have a great night everyone
I posted a bulletin about this, but most dont pay attention to the damn things, so posting it here too: Up till now i have been pretty quiet here with all the shit that is going on, but now i need to bitch cuz i'm pissed right now, i try to repost all the "important" bulletins and when i'm gone all day at work and come back to over 100 bulletins to go through i can't fucking repost all of them, although i try but do miss some, i got shit and told i would be taken off their friends list if i didn't repost the bulletin....god damn i'm trying my best here and if someone takes me off their friends list cuz i don't repost all of them then do it !!! i am here to meet some cool people and have met some really awesome people but there are some here who expect way to much, so if there's a bulletin i missed by accident and u want me to repost it, just ask and i will, but don't fucking threaten me I try to stay out of all this drama but hell its getting really bad So damn just ask me and of course i'll repost it okay there's my bitching, so have a great nite all my wonderful friends bites and kisses cutekitty6969
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