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created on 05/07/2008  |  http://fubar.com/rant/b213879
Ask anyone, most of them will tell you I am a people person. Miss Mary Freaking Sunshine. That is until, yes until, someone phucks with someone in my family or one of my friends. Someone did that today. My best friend, my sister, the one chick in this entire world that always has my back no matter what. She is an angel and the best friend any gal could ask for. She is having some trouble lately, so she posted a mumm, some nasty, evil, mean heifer decided to take out her own issues with low self esteem on my friend. I hope you read this. Girl and I use that term loosely, because I am not even sure you have a heart. Take your vileness somewhere else and LAY OFF my friend. I am sorry that you hate yourself so much that you want to spell your wickedness all over someone that does not deserve it. Treat yourself to the beauty treatments that you so unkindly offered my friend and take a deep look inside yourself. Get yourself a new attitude because it sounds like to me you desperately need it. Oh and before I sign off, HAVE A NICE DAY!
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7 years ago
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