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Some questions for you to ask/know about being a Witch/Pagan/Wiccan 1) Do you get upset with repeating lessons you think you've already learned? 2) Do you feel defensive if someone instructs you? 3) Is the thought of a never-ending journey into wisdom more than you can bear to think about? 4) Do you have the strength to be different? Is your difference meant to annoy family & friends? If not, how far would you go w/the courage of your convictions? 5) Have you ever had the experience of being a minority w/all its attendant prejudices & persecutions? Even if you haven't, how well do you think you handle such experiences as a Witch? 6) Do you get defensive in group situations of any kind if you feel your way is right? Is there room in you for compromise? If so, where would you draw the line over which you will not cross? 7) What do you see as the major differences between someone who calls himself a Witch and someone who calls himself a Wiccan? What about a pagan? Can someone be a Witch but not Wiccan? 8) What are the origins of Wicca and from where does the word derive? 9) How has Witchcraft been diabolized by the mainstream religions? 10) What, if any, are the differences between religion & spirituality? 11) Do you see Witchcraft as a religion or as a spirituality? 12) Can you explain the symbolism of the pentacle? 13) What is the significance or a pentagram w/its apex pointed upward? What about a pentagram pointed downwards? 14) Can you foresee any time when a Pagan would wear the pentacle in a downward position? Why or why not? 15) What is meant by the term "solitary" or "solitaire" when applied to a Witch? 16) What is the traditional number of members for a coven and why? 17) What is the difference between a degreed or hierarchical tradition or coven & an egalitarian or priestly one? 18) What is the difference between a Wiccan tradition & eclectic Wicca? 19) Have you found at least one cultural pantheon that you're interested in learning more about? What is it and why? How much do you already know about that culture? 20) Give a brief description of the attributes of each of the four elements. 21) What is the fifth element? What are its attributes? In a circle, where can it be located? 22) For each element, name at least three corresponding ritual tools. 23) What is a self-initiation? Is it valid? Why or why not? 24) Why do you think some form of formal initiation is important to functioning as a Pagan? 25) What is the length of the traditional period of study before initiation? There is a lot more to think about why you have really chosen to be on this path that you taking. Think about these questions on your own than really see if you want to be on this path for yourself. 26. What is the Wiccan/Pagan Rede? 27. What is the Threefold Law? 28. Does the Threefold Law apply in nonmagickal situations? Are there nonmagickal situations? 29. How does magick work? 30. Name the six prerequisites for successful spellcraft. 31. Name the six skills needed for successful magick. 32. When do you feel it's appropriate to work magick for others? How do the Rede & the Threefold Law influence your decision? 33. What is meant in magick by charging, enchanting, & empowering? 34. Is magick a necessary part of Paganism? Can magick work outside of Paganism? 35. Is majick a religious pursuit? Why or why not? 36. Is magick a religion pursuit? Why or Why not? 37. How does psychic development relate to magickal practice? 38. Are making magick & working a spell synonymous activities? Why or Why not? 39. Is divination magick? What is the role of divination within magick? 40. Why is it important to do a divination prior to working a spell? 41. Why & how do we use ritual in Pagan religious expression? Why & how do we use ritual in magick? 42. Why do we not touch another Witch"s tools without permission? 43. What is an athame? A bolleen? A scourge? Name & descibe as many magical tools & their associations as you can. 44. Why is a circle cast for magick & rituals? 45. Do you feel a circle is always necessary for magick/divination? 46. Do you feel there's only one right way to cast & close a circle? Why or Why not? 47. Why are timepieces not generally permitted inside the circle? 48. Why is it not wise to break the circle once it is cast? 49. What is deosil? Is it always positive? 50. What is meant by widdershins? Is it always negative? Here are some more questions to think about. I am sure most (if not all) of you know these answers to. But still they are very important to know. Just think about them & see if your on the right path for yourself.
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