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Grizzly's blog: "Poetry"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b10708
People don't know exactly what it is about me They don't understand what I want to be Nobody knows the truth or why I do the things I do But one person does and that person is you You are the only person I know that is always by my side You helped me through hard times when I almost cried When I felt alone with out any hope You gave me a smile and the strength to cope You've been there for me more than I can say You're my guardian angel in your own special way You can take everything bad and turn it to good Just because if it was you, you know that I would If there ever was a shadow covering my light I could count on you to help me see right You're the only person who truly knows me You're the only person who respects what they see
Sleepless nights, dreadful dreams, are haunting me. The mysterious sounds of the night, are very frightening me. Panic and rage Runs through my body The devil is trying to get in. Day after day I fight off the urges That would be so satisfying A battle rages Deep within my soul It's all I can do to hold on. Prayer is my weapon, faith gives me peace of mind, to stop the demons from taking over. Depression knocks me down, Grace picks me back up, As the battle still rages I pray and pray For the fight to end But I know the battle is still within.
What could you say, if your daughter ever got raped? or say your son was a mass murderer, or had a life you couldn't escape? What could you say, if your body was so broken, because your father beat you, and called you names thaT remain unspoken? what could you say if you fell into depression became bulimic or anorexic because of your body's imperfections? what could you say, if tearS came to my eyes? would you hold mE tightly in your arms? or simply watch me cry what could you say if my words came to an end? Would you help me recover from broken hopes and help me make amends what would you say if I were never here would you continue on with everyday life as I slowly disappear?
Red hot lover Deep purple moon Headed towards salvation Beautiful butterfly erupting from cocoon Ecstasy kicking in Longing in your eyes Temptation outweighing me, Under sapphire skies Your taste Your touch So wonderful and erotic The attraction’s almost too much Red, raw passion Sexual ecstasy Feels so true You unleash me In your arms Yet, so very free My passion for you, Will forever be.
I sit all alone in this room As memories unfold Tears streaming down my face again This pain never grows old Some say it's a state of mind But it's my heart that really hurts I only aim to please you all But what's a smile really worth? This is the story of my life The saga of my tears A story told a thousand times Remade over the years If you listen up closely Maybe you might hear The beating of my heart And the saga of my tears They say that life's a trip I hit the ground face first Lost everything I ever wanted But it could have been worse Or that's what they tell me Do they sit alone in the dark? Or stare into broken mirrors Thinking it's the pieces of their heart This is the story of my life The saga of my tears A story told a thousand times Remade over the years If you listen up closely Maybe you might hear The beating of my heart And the saga of my tears This is the saga of my tears A saga that never ends This a the saga of my tears That fall from cheeks til the end
The Kiss Look deep into my eyes, Feel them devouring the very sight of you, Feel the unseen forces. That draws us together, Your tongue wetting your lips From a mouth that’s dry, Feel me peering into your soul, Seeing your desire, Your need, Your wanting, My head slowly leans into you, As my mouth draws near, My lips part slightly, As I breathe in deeply, Taking in your scent, Letting my mind bask in your aroma, I wrap your hair around my hand, As I pull back your head, I hear you whimper, Your sharp intake of breath, It increases my need, My longing, I press my lips into yours, Crushing them, Then we taste, We feel, We lust, My tongue demands entrance, And it starts to tease, Then joins with yours in a dance of lust, My arms reach around you, Pulling you in, Pressing our bodies together, Feeling each others warmth, Each others desire, I breathe into you, Taking a little of your soul, Your eyes open, Looking deep into mine, Then our lips part, And a little piece of us is ripped asunder, We breathe deep, Remembering the moment, Savouring the essence, Our heads spin, Filled with thoughts of each other, Your eyes look down, A little shy, A little nervous, In case you have given away too much of yourself, Then you look up, Expectantly, Gazing deep into my eyes, And I smile.
Perfect Drop of Sweat In the small of her back floats a perfect drop of sweat, no alluring feature does it lack: musty, tempting, wet. Resting in a lake enclosed by land surrounding beads threaten to break, but with a light caress of my hand the bead does not join the wake. Drifting across the rise of her hips, tickling, whispering, nibbling her skin, goose bumps rise to meet my lips; shivers, quivers, echo from deep within. With an arch of her back the journey begins, the perfect drop sails over delicate flesh completely unaware of our delicious sins, it rides over her skin to where our bodies mesh. She turns to her side, it travels around the world to drift down the valley 'tween rising hills and exit again to a new land unfurled, ready to take part in our sensual thrills. I chase it's descent down her graceful neck, the drop rises then pauses at the crest of her chin like a sea faring gull aboard a ships deck. But with the top of my lip I brush the drop in to tide pools churning beneath my lovers mouth and up over the swell of her lip. My eyes look north, my hands move south, I puase for a moment and then take a sip. And for the drop it's the journeys end; I share the sweet drop with a lovers kiss. She opens her legs, her knees bend, and we drift on a sea of sexual bliss.
Up somewhere in the distance I see a man so old all his life's' belongings he lost long ago or sold. As years passed by, he waited for his future to unfold, Now bitterness consumes him and his hopes have all grown cold Family can't console him in the last years of his life No children ever born to him before he lost his wife He watched his friends die one by one - each caused him so much strife But it's love he lost that cut his soul much worse than any knife Each day he plays the memories - the songs of life he's stored Still vivid are his thoughts of her - strike a too familiar cord On the day he fell in love with her he knelt and thanked the Lord But the day she left it broke his heart - a price one can't afford So many years have passed since then - still he never was the same Still burdened with the sadness because he found no one to blame As for the hope he'd love again - well that day it never came The future forever darkened as his tears put out the flame A key to life he learned too late to some will seem absurd A lesson of this life best felt than kept if only heard Of all the gifts bestowed in life its meaning's often blurred Love must be shown with actions cause it's more than just a word
The lonsemone kid cries in the night, He hopes to become as strong as a knight. With his shining armour and gleaming sword, Then before the battle, he thinks of her. He gets a smile on his face, Then dodges the mace. And when he wins, He looks at all the grins. But when he goes home, He tends to his wounds. Then he cries in the middle of the night, All over again
Lost and Falling Life frozen or caught on fire, why does it matter? Cut deep or shallow scratch, in narrow alleys with a patch of darkness. Falling up or getting down, a cup of glass cutting our throats. Mass collections of suicide notes, and a small amount of hope. Falling into death in deep with darkness, seeking thought or maybe not. Going in circles with out a fight, not slavery and so far out of sight. Loss and false hopes binding us down, its our cost of not being found. Sounds of voices peek in our heads, fallen asleep deep in our beds. Graves of memories found in our dreams, deep dreams filling with passion and rising with action. Faith calling and showing our fates, knowing of death and full of hates. Sedating our minds and lost hopes of love, kind and gentle thoughts of warmness, Killed our fate of endless fought circles, lonelyness found here between worlds. The sound of calling, found and falling.
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