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created on 01/26/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b274111
Dreams donít seem to stop Canít breath when I wake Harder to think when I do sleep Thinking what had been done The violations upon my being Piercing into my mind Canít seem to make it go away Always lingering around The night mares will never end This night here is real It wonít end It never has Wishing I had a means to stop This nightmare which seems to stay In my mind each day Nothings changed just my thoughts In the process of healing It has not fully been It Wonít.. The tears still come The loss of breath Lack of control Blaming ones self For what was done Which wasnít at fault Couldnít control ones actions Locking away the heart Wonít Suffer Wonít be Broken Wonít let it happen again Never again
In The Dark Alone I Sit Crying At What Was Thinking it Shouldnít of Ended When it had not really begun Feeling lose an Sadness Heart Shattered to Pieces Not wanting it To End Facing the Truth Wasnít for us to be? Alone I am again Trusting no one Alone I Will be Forever And now on Loving No One Just Wishing for Love Which† is lost
Past is now present Something That I Wish Didnít come back Time for Innocence Which was taken away? Forgetting what happened Dealing with the pain Years go by Time goes by Trying to forget Not being able to Remembering over and over Things coming back Trying to forget But not really forgetting My past came back Crossed paths again Ignoring the signs Going on with life
Little angel from heaven Came down So precious And tiny For me to care For one little thing Can change me forever Having her With me from now Till she is grown Emotions I did not know I had Till I held such a tiny precious being She is my little angel from heaven And I thank you for giving me her So precious and small So full of love and innocence Not know the dangers around I shall protect you Best I can Little angel of mine
The thoughts of you Run though my mind Like a curse That wonít go away The thought of you sticks in my head Making me think about Things that had been said The wrong an the right all the same now The thought of you Is like the wind there but I canít see it Making me cry When I think about What we had How it ended Made me sad But now The thought of you Makes me Smile No longer in Denial
Hurt an anguish Torn apart Broken Like my heart Feel no pain End no sorrow But will gone on Like there is no tomorrow Hurt will fade Love is lost At the end there is no Cost Love will come And some will stay I alone Will face the day Wonít end the pain That not the way Will go on Live another day Hard as it is Time will pass Wounds will heal Heart will mend Trust in time
Lingering touch Tight embrace Thing for longing Time cannot replace Lips touching Arms caressing Bodies needing To feel the love Making slow movement Light and dark Bodies shining from sweat Hearts beating harder Tempters rising Slowly coming down Touching each other Love among us Acing for what had passed Waiting for more to come The future is there Time for love To be Forever And a day Remember the sweet bliss
Bodies touching Minds racing Arms embracing Touch of lips Fingers sliding Heart beating faster Running down the spine Shivering from the touch Breathing in harder Bodies moving together Slowly moving Pulse racing Reaching the end Sweat dripping Sheet tangled Sweet love made Laying beside you Touching your arm Down your back Closing eyes Falling asleep In loving arms Knowing its Forever In love Feeling Uncontrollable
Heart is broken Hurts to much Can not care any more Will not touch Friends are lost So is Trust The heart still broken Tears some slowly Will stop soon Can not deal any more Might just leave Not needed around Feeling lost Always alone Lost in a daze Eyes blurry from tears Soon it will end Time will come Heart is still broken Incredibly numb
Trust has been lost Friendships are broken Tears running down my face Knowing their for not necessary Trust had been lost Forever Knowing the truth While being told a lie Making choices Knowing the Truth No turning back Was lost and now I am free From the lies Betrayed Forever Denial is gone So is trust Moving on from The broken trust
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