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Poems written By: me a.k.a.abby
my wonderful life:

just when u thought things were going great
you relize the life your living is the one u hate.
the things you say and do you may dread
jumping from room to room bed to bed.
the four walls close in more and more everyday
the world without color it all turns gray.
as the days pass by you feel more out of place
all u can do is stand and pace.
many nights u stay up to see
if this is the person u truely want to be.
your friends tell u your heartless,cold,dark and a whore
you change and change and they want u to change somemore.
the person inside me is dark and cold
but im more than that im loving and bold.
my words might be blunt,coldhearted,and deep
but there also trueful eventhough they make u weep.
im locked in a closet with no way out
i sit on the floor like a seed that wont sprout.
i sit here and wonder as the days go by
should i live or should i die.
im all alone now i must say
maybe i should just die and rot away.
noone loves me nor do they care
they just like to sit around and stare.
im so dark,cold, and empty inside
why cant anyone help me lord knows they've tryed.
my heart is nothing but pure ice
the person i am is far from nice.
the pain hurts worse than ever before
my heart and eyes are swallen and sore.

made it through:

we're more in love now than ever before
I cept waiting for u at the front door.
many nights i laid awake and cryed
i felt deep down i was dead inside.
all the times i screamed your name
it didn't matter shit remained the same.
i was sick,lonely,and falling apart
the pain remained deep down in my heart.
i kept asking and wondering why
as each day went by i just wanted to die.
as i laid there without you in my bed
the thoughts got stronger down deep in my head.
it's all done and over lying in the past
i hope this time our love will last.
all the pain,hurt,and tears deep down inside
i just want to forget and leave it behind.
your here now and that's all that matters
with every soft touch my whole body shatters.
your my soulmate,my husband,friend, and lover
without you here i was dead in the gutter.
the wall i once had is no longer there
thanks to you for showing you care.
my heart was cold empty and bare
but you picked it up when noone was there.
i love you like noone else could
you gave me your heart eventhough i didn't know if u should.
our love is imortal so pure and devine
i'm so glad once again i gladly can say your mine.
through all the torment,heartache,and pain
i sit here and think of all that i had to gain.
i lost you once but never again
i mark my words with paper and pen.
we've been through alot in a years time
how could love be so sublime.
we showed the world what we could do
we have struggled but we made it through.
i hope you enjoy the poem i just wrote
but if you forget everything remember this quote.
"tears come and go but memories last forever."

a forbidden love:

I'm afraid to give you my all, I'm afraid to love you completely. What if behind your beautiful face and kind words you are just bribing me. Maybe you are just reeling me in until you turn around and drop me. I'd fall so far and never be able to recover, I wish I could see the ending sometimes. I would know if I should hold on to you and keep going or just let it all end before I get up too high. Love hurts. I say that because I know. Love is... or was amazing. It's an incredible feeling to know what he's going to say. It's more incredible the way he has me on the edge of my seat because he's so completely random, I never know what's coming next. It's hard to explain, but he filled some void in me, and now, without him, I'm missing something again. I wonder if it will ever truly, whole heartedly be filled again. I just don't want to know what it's like to hurt any more...I've been laying here all night, listening to the rain. Talking to my heart and trying to explain. Why sometimes I catch myself wondering what might have been. Yes I do think about you, everyday and night.

same fight:

How many times can you trust? Did you get back together for love or just pure lust? How many times can you look the other way?Is it just another faze or are you about to feel betray? How many more times will they come back? Do you have faith or realize that heartbreak is about to pounce and attack? How many more times will they have to confide? you struggle with this dark war destroying you from the inside. How many more times will you have to talk trying to make things right? Seems like true love fading further and further out of sight. As this war rages on you pause and realize 4 years later its still the same fight.

completely sain:

If you have ever felt lost what would you do to make it stop no matter what it cost? You struggle with this day after day this war ingoughs your world and seems like it will never go away. Your heart is scorched your spirtt is fractured and sore your thoughts are racing your insainity is breaking as you look at your soul that's been beaten and tore. How much more can one person take i hope there's a way out for every ones sake. How strong can one remain until they are no longer considered completely sain?

layin here waiting for your return
my heart mind and soul race and yearn
your words charm your sexxi face
it all makes me leave this place
another world u&i
our own time zone so fullfilled and high
i know ur the one i have waited for
im so happy i opened that door
i love u more every min dat pass by
our world our love together till we die

hes the reason i wake the air that i breathe
his words charm smile trust i believe
he warms my heart like noone before
he makes my soul and mind think and sore
our bodies are mortal but our love is more
devine immortal true and pure
he has brought life back into my soul
with him beside me i feel completely whole

kneeling beside you until needed
my limits fears cravings being completed
as you push me to strive it through
my accomplishments i owe to you
so complete and warm inside
with you my feelings ill neva hide
so honored you call me yours
inside me a fire stirs
thank you Sir for choosing me
i owe my all to you for not letting me stay free
i love you more than you will eva know
from this day forward it will always show

kneeling at His side
my thoughts wants and fears i will not hide
the collar He has given was more than earned
inside me my heart soul and mind yearn
His touch kiss words and charm
His thoughts and wisdom all keep me from harm
when i see Him i light up with passion
He gives me a high that no one is crashin
today tomorrow forever and always
im urs

missin him
broken shattered toren and incomplete
so sad that we didnt meet
taken the time we had and savoring every minute
without you my heart just aint in it
i should be the one kneeling at your feet
cleaning up after u and keepin it all neat
your collar around my neck i nolonger wear
the feelings inside me burn make me wanna rip out my hair
cant believe u left after all we been thru
but kno dat deep inside my heart still crys for u
i kno i must move on and finally let u go
but its so hard to do when my feelings wanna sho
i miss you every moment every sec of the day
i pray that u stay safe and find ur special one that completes u in every way

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