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layin here waiting for your return
my heart mind and soul race and yearn
your words charm your sexxi face
it all makes me leave this place
another world u&i
our own time zone so fullfilled and high
i know ur the one i have waited for
im so happy i opened that door
i love u more every min dat pass by
our world our love together till we die

hes the reason i wake the air that i breathe
his words charm smile trust i believe
he warms my heart like noone before
he makes my soul and mind think and sore
our bodies are mortal but our love is more
devine immortal true and pure
he has brought life back into my soul
with him beside me i feel completely whole

kneeling beside you until needed
my limits fears cravings being completed
as you push me to strive it through
my accomplishments i owe to you
so complete and warm inside
with you my feelings ill neva hide
so honored you call me yours
inside me a fire stirs
thank you Sir for choosing me
i owe my all to you for not letting me stay free
i love you more than you will eva know
from this day forward it will always show

kneeling at His side
my thoughts wants and fears i will not hide
the collar He has given was more than earned
inside me my heart soul and mind yearn
His touch kiss words and charm
His thoughts and wisdom all keep me from harm
when i see Him i light up with passion
He gives me a high that no one is crashin
today tomorrow forever and always
im urs

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