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Well after being in the hospital for the past couple of months for a simple urinary tract infection and emphysema my only surviving maternal grandmother passed away today. She was about 85 years old. Her, my aunt and my grandfather were the only relatives that were living nearby. They all immigrated here from Lebanon back in the early 70's. My grandparents even though they were in their 50's an 60's at the time of their arrvival were both hard working. My grandma worked up until about 10yrs ago when she finally retired. My paternal grandparents lived in Uniontown , Pa so it was very rare I ever got to see them at all. I will miss them all now. May she rest in peace. Pie
Yes I stole this. Sex in the 12 Astrological Houses Mine is the 12th House. Taken from : http://www.desiresoflilith.com/Sexinthe12houses.html Sex in the first house: This is the house of Aries, ruled by Mars. Mars is a very aggressive planet and sex can be....uh...somewhat explosive and quick in the first house. First house sex is all about conquering, so don't make it too easy...oh, did I mention first house sex is best in the morning? Think spontaneous and quickly... Sex in the second house: This is the house of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus expressed through Taurus is very much focused on values. Sex in the second house is slow, patient, often very earthy and base. Taurean sex is all about the senses, particularly those involving the ear and tongue... Sex in the second house is sensitive and very possessive. Think of delicious sex outdoors on a decidely dirty path through the woods, or huddled up under the canopy of a bed surrounded by flickering candlelight... Each Astrological house expresses itself differently. Embued with the energy of the Planetary ruler and the Zodiac Sign, sexual energy is channeled through each house in a unique manner. Sex in the third house: This is the house of Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Sex in the third house involves a lot of fantasizing. Perhaps bed-hopping is the number one fantasy in this house, and the more vocal and intelligent the partner(s) the more entertaining third house sex will be. Think intriguing conversation and a great deal of variety and surprise... Sex in the fourth house: This is the house of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is not only nurturing, but changeable as well...sex in the fourth house occurs in one of two places--in the kitchen or the bathroom. This can be exploded to a larger scale and occur in a restaurant or at the beach...food and/or water will always play a part in fourth house sex. The nuturing aspect of fourth house sex can range from cuddling to spanking (you've been very, very, very naughty, haven't you?) Yes, I did say nurturing, because some people do need to be spanked every now and then. Think chocolate cake, white counter, and plenty of skin... Sex in the fifth house: This is the house of Leo, ruled by the Sun. Role-playing anyone? Sex in the fifth house needs to be spontaneous, regal, creative, and romantic. Don those crowns, silk robes, or black leather, it's time to play. Sumptuous surroundings, elegant and expensive fabrics...let the lady partner wear a huge ruby suspended on a gold chain long enough to dangle between her breasts...eye candy can really add some excitement to fifth house sex. Think of giving or receiving a delightful full-body massage with imported oil as you watch the ruby swinging between the breasts in a huge gold-framed mirror... Sex in the sixth house: This is the house of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Sixth house sex involves office sex at its finest. Push those perfectly stacked piles of paper onto the floor, pull out a small paddle and have your lover bend over the desk just out of hearing of the secretary, or better yet, the boss. Oh, you thought Virgo was about Virginity? Oh, no, no, no... The sexual chemistry of the work-place can overwhelm the most respective Virgin around...naughty, naughty...Think about how many different positions are possible in a tiny cubicle of an office...can't think of any? Well, leave it to Virgo and the sixth house to find just the perfect combination... Sex in the seventh house: This is the house of Libra, ruled by Venus. Venus as expressed through Libra is romantic, sensual, and all about relationship. Sex in the seventh house is looking for love, not just plain old raunchy sex. Seventh house sex is quite idealistic, focused on being just right, being just what your partner wants and needs. Dress up in your finest and most refined outfit and enjoy a night at the art museum with dinner by candlelight in a cozy restaurant. If you're the lady, be sure to show a bit of leg, offer come-hither looks at the proper moments, and show just how intelligent you really are. If you're the man, be verbally suggestive but not crude. Lightly touch your partner's thigh at dinner, but then withdraw, repeating the soft touch at intervals. Think harmonious conversation, elegant dinner, and erotic tease that only makes consummation that much more delicious at the end of the evening... Sex in the eighth house: This is the house of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. Sex in the eighth house is in its element. Perverted, yes! But I guess that depends on your definition of pervert. Sex in this house can take place anywhere at anytime. The more visual the sex, the better. Mutual masturbation, pornographic video, golden showers, voyeurism, bondage...these are all possible. Strange as it may sound, group sex is quite out of the question in the eighth house, however. This is because the eighth house is about loyalty, domination, and total submission...these things can only occur in a one on one relationship. In the eighth house you can surrender to sexual sensations you've probably only dreamed about...ask and you shall receive... Sex in the ninth house: This is the house of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Sex in the ninth house is very adventurous and physical. Sex will be spontaneous as with the other fire-ruled houses, and often outdoors. Philosophical and spiritual conversations during a long hike among ancient ruins will turn into a lusty adventure up against the stones. Oral sex is a big part of ninth house sex and the groans will echo nicely off the ruins, urging your lover onward, higher and higher...Think lofty ideals and the soft black of the night sky... Sex in the tenth house: This is the house of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This is corporate executive sex--powerful, controlled, ambitious. Tenth house sex takes place behind closed doors, preferrably in the comfort and privacy of the bedroom; however, a seductive strip tease right in the office isn't out of the question. The reserved state of tenth house sex dissipates like fog in the sun once the initial prim and proper mode is breached...then, be prepared for some extremely powerful, long-lasting sex. No holes should be barred in this house--the goat really enjoys anal sex--it is a control thing, is it not? Think little black dresses, inaugural balls, and champagne dribbled down a naked spine... Sex in the eleventh house: This is the house of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Kinky sex? You bet. Group sex? Oh, yes! This is the house of groups, the occult, and pure experimentation. Sex in the eleventh is mind-blowing experimental...moves out of the Kama Sutra or a little book called Western Sex Magic may figure prominently. The eleventh house is about rebelling... forget what Mommy and Daddy taught you and indulge in the little eccentricities inherent in this house. Think electric appliances created especially for sexual pleasure... Sex in the Twelth house: This is the house of Pisces, ruled by Neptune. This is the house of romantic, magical, mystical coupling. A little stardust goes a long way when sprinkled on pages of poetry or over the breasts. Sex in the twelfth house is transcendental, exquisite, and sensitive. You will know what your partner is thinking, feeling, and dreaming as you slide up against him/her in the hot tub, your feet gliding over theirs. Blindfolds, dominance and submission, voyeurism and masturbation are all part of twelfth house sex. Think of strolling on the beach, hand in hand, in total silence, tuned in to one another and life's mysteries...
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