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Could you help a girl out? She need to do the Spotlight before she passes Godfather and could use a helping hand. Fupal her ANYTHING! Please click the top pic to go to her page. ~~LALA~~

@ fubar Please Hit Her With a Donation. Anything You Can Spare
Some Codes Proudly stolen for you by: PieDaDDY

@ fubar

Could you help a girl out? She wants to do the Spotlight by Months end and could use a helping hand. Fupal her ANYTHING! Please click the top pic to go to her page. * Morgan Le Fay * Cut Throat Bitch * FuOwned by PHOTOBUG

@ fubar Even Sexi Zombie MUMM Chicks Need Love!!!
Some Codes Proudly stolen for you by: PieDaDDY

@ fubar
Please Show My Friend Meowzette Lots of Love! She was kind enough to bling me with a Jet, which was extremely generous out of the blue! Meowzette ( Owned by Texas Camaro Nut)

@ fubar Thanks Meowzette!!!

blackandwhite Last Night Fubar was assaulted by some kind of Phishing attack, and Joy was one of the casualties. Please help her get back to her old level. She was almost to level 21 with her original account. Rate her, Fan her, and Add her. If you can possibly bling her that would be great too! Lets help a fellow fubarian out joy

@ fubar
Brought to you by: PieDaDDY - OWNED by VIOLETS

@ fubar

If you can try and visit rate/fan and add some of these people to give them a hand up!

♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.

7,592,000 to Prophet Mikey

2,560,000 to Prophet I own: Jenn

636,000 to Fu-King ~♥Vinton♥~Pіŧßułł МãҒiã

206,000 to Insider Carebear^^Pitbull Mafia^^

707,000 to Fu-King ~ღ¤★ṤTåя★¤ღ~ Shadow Leveler

530,000 to Fu-King
The Stutter & ẄỉčҜёĐ₣яίέŋĐ

182,000 to go Mo_SweetAngel☼Fõündè® of ©lûb F®ât♥FU Engaged to Dr. death*

251,000 to go ♡SHEEZ♡ ♫ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ RATE*FAN*ADD!! READ MY PROFILE!! ♫ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

283,000 to go ~SHARON~(Lil TAZ)*want 2 make G-mother b4 VIP runs out!!

333,000 to go SEXY CHELE ♥ Stiletto Girl ♥ *** LOLLIPOP GURLZ CLUB ***

379,000 to go Mystêfyï☼I.B.I.C. Owner☼D.S.C.☼»Fu wife to Jim«☼

384,000 to go SiN DeReLla™


466,000 to go US Coast Guard CWO3* ~RL HUBBY to onetruelovepjl_dal2007~

470,000 to go Tam77"Special Ed's Fu wife" (Member of the Misfit Angels leveling crew)

477,000 to go ~EvilAngel~BACKWOODS ASST MANAGER~Club F.A.R

506,000 to go .:$éductress $ín aka VamPre$$$inCin ♦I.B.I.C♦:.

647,000 to go ~*Mike S*~( Taken by MzBish aka MzMic HER Mikey) HideAway Lounge

663,000 to go ♠ Krystal ♠ Manager & Head Dj Of Tha Undaground


701,000 to go ~♫ÐĵṔḥḯḻḂṹṝḡ360♫~Dirty South Crew 4

709,000 to go ~*~Christine aka ♥SweetAngel♥

725,000 to go STIXX


782,000 to go PieDaDDY

792,000 to go rEtRiUqS KaYlA: Member:Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club ~Club F.A.R~PLEASE RATE PAGE & BLOG, TU

845,000 to go OneSexyAssBiotch

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866,000 to go DAMIAN

884,000 to go ♥PeachyKeenJellyB© HeadGreeter@ After hours♥

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990,000 to go **Miss Fiona** ~Club F.A.R. member~

1,001,000 to go ~§targazer~Pitbull Mafia

1,048,000 to go ßømߧh裣~♥~Schmitty aka Jeff's Girl for life

1,052,000 to go *ღMrsღ* PLEASE READ MY LAST UDATE 4/21/08 WOW!! 26 DAYS TO GO !!!

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1,267,000 to go ♥HisSweetObsession♥ ~~ *Rate Spankers* ~~ *Shadow Levelers*

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1,297,000 to go SBM08 ~Sergeant-at-Arms Rate Spankers Leveling Club*~**{{Shadow Levelers}}**

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1,303,000 to go RedheadedCherry ♥ Sarge's Bad Girls ♥ Club F.A.R

1,340,000 to go ~ * candygirl uk * ~

1,357,000 to go ~*~Cotton Candy Kisses~*~ Co-Founder of Total Chaos Leveling Crew

1,376,000 to go Fu'z Tru Master

1,410,000 to go Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~FU OWNED by MASTER CAIN

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4,171,000 to go ï’m mr§. 'Øh mŸ gØÐ ThÅT ÅmÅnÐÅlïcïØü§’§ §hÅmël맧'mÅrrïëÐ TØ Å ü.§ mÅrïnë ~ ØØhrÅ ~mëmbër Ø


5,420,000 to go
Brought to you by

@ fubar
If you can't comment just a single rate or a few comments would help a lot. Thanks so much.
For whatever reasons she deleted her account (Makes Googly eyes at her) shes been my friend for over 2 years now and I'd like to help her level back up again. Please show her some luv! Please feel free to pass her around like a used whore! lmao theoneudesire71

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