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PerfectPointPleasure's blog: "Life's A Bitch"

created on 05/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life-s-a-bitch/b212974  |  3 followers
He always carried the pails,
cause she always worried about her nails.
Up and down that hill,
often against his will,
fresh water to cure what ails.
 “Please join me, if you will.”
one day Jack said to Jill.
And, with barely a smirk,
said “It’s damn hot work,
trekking water up and down that hill.”
About the comfort we seek,
no one ever will speak
And I’ll close my eyes
as you bare your thighs
I promise you, I won’t even peek.
The water was very cold
and he was being very bold.
The tool that she saw
looked like it needed to thaw,
not at all like she’d been told.
With an unpretentious smile 
she hesitated for a while.
Then, without even folding,
began removing her clothing,
simply tossing them into a pile.
Soon she started to shiver,
but no warmth was he able to give her.
Slowly he wrapped her in his arms
as he turned on the charm,
which immediately caused her to quiver.
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
She succumbed to his charms,
now there’s a babe in her arms
and that’s about all that it got her.
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