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monkeyboy's blog: "Poems."

created on 01/08/2012  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b345800

   I write stories and poems.I also do article and blog writing too.I used my writing skills to earned a little extra income on the web.I put ads and other stuff on my sites.And I earned income from the traffic that theses sites get.But enough on this for now and on to my poems I'll post the link to my poetry site after the poem.

                                                                                Not enough loved.

  Was my loved not enough to keep you In on those cold nights that my heart spent alone?Was my warm soft touch not enough to warmed your heart and sparked your passion?My heart felt a loved for you that knew no boundries,but yet you sought pleasure from someone else that could cared less about you.Someone that only desires were to used your loved to obtained your body.My loved was untainted by past failed loved,because to me you were a perfection of art.But yet you shunned my loved when your old loved return to you.While my hands massage away your pain,his hands only cause you pain.My tears were because of my deep loved for you,while your tears were from your old lover beating on you.I took your verbal abused out of the loved I felt for you,while he used his verbal abused to controlled you.But even my heart had It's breaking point and when I couldn't take no more I had to depart from you.But even still my heart felt broken over you.So I had to break all contact from you so I could healed once more from a loved gone badly.


                                                                               Not meant for your loved.

 My body yearns for your touched,my heart aches to know know your loving grace.But yet I'm denied my pleassure to feel your loved.My mind races as thoughts of you pulled through my mind.My eyes watered as I plundered something that can't exist In this world and time of age.My body tembles with excitement with just a thought of holding you In my arms.My lips yearns to taste the sweet necture upon your lips.But yet my lips are dried as a desert.My body yearns to slep so I may joined you In my dreams for only In my dreams can I truly be with you.But yet It's not enough to substain my desires.My body burns with forbibbing desires to just touch your warm flesh.My flesh burns to mingle with your flesh.But It'll never be as we are as different as night and day.So I'll be with you In my dreams for now till I can make you mine In real life and suffered my hardships alone.


                                                                               I'm so lonely without you.


  I'm So Lonely Without You I'm so lonely without you,that the nights and days are blue.A darken cloud above me rains down upon me,covering my my tears up so no one may see them fall.My heartaches for you as I clinged onto you for dear life.My heart grows darker without your love to give It light to It.I felt so blissed when we first talked,a warm feeling overcame me,but as you are not around as much my heart grows colder,and my body grows colder.For there no warmth In me without you,and no kindness to revived my hope.For all my hope In finding someone was gone till I meant you,and as we grow apart the hopeless feeling soon comes back.Haunting my very existence,I often lay awake at times wondering about you and us.Tears often falls as I wondered what could have gone so wrong,A song playing reminds of you set off my emotions and I soon find my eyes flowing tears over you.For If I must forget about you and me then I'm surly doom to feel this way for all time,for forgetting you Is something that I can't seem to do.But yet for you It seen so easy,while for me I'm dying Inside each time I don't here from you.Was I just a fling for you,something to get you over your bumped In life.So I hide my tears the best I can for now and wait on you,while my heart slowly breaks.


                                                                        Will I ever healed.


  Will I Ever Healed Will my heart ever healed?Emails sent to me with nothing but pictures In them of you In them only stirred up my emotions even more reminding me that I'm not even closed to be over you.For my heartbeats strongly for you,and yet you seen to be distance from me even more.A email sent from you to me goes unanswered as I replied back to you,a game you seem to be playing with me that I can't win.For you seem to the master at what you do,why I'm the fool without a clue.Without a hope at ever reaching fulfillment of being one with you heart and soul.I go on In life living,but yet dead Inside at the same time.And I'm left wondering what went wrong with us.


                                                                          Second best


 Second Best I was once your true love you confided In me,confessing your love for me.For I once felt true bliss as I read your email you once sent to me,so full of love as you talked of you and me In the future.Of how badly you wanted me for yourself,a true feeling of peace surrounded me and I no longer felt alone In my life.For I had love to share to share myself with,a love that had lifted me from my darkness and onto the lights of hope.But little did I know It would all crashed down upon me as you became colder to me,leaving me alone and heartbroken.Alone to fight the Inner demons of my past,your loving touched no longer there for me.Just a coldness In my heart and soul that I hide from you,for I desire not to let you see me as second best In your life.For second best Is truely what I feel like I've become.


                                                                      Missing your love.


  My heart Is missing your love on this cold night as I wait by the computer awaiting your replied to my email I sent you.I await what I hope to be kind words form your sweet fingers as they type away at the keyboard.A glimpse of heaven I hope to read as I looked at your replied to my warm heart,but you have yet to replied and my day has been a day of worried spent wondering rather or not you are sick or well.For my loved for you holds no bound,and no distance can divide my feelings for you.For only the silence of your heart can fill me with dread as a replied will most likely only come when I awaken from my slumbered.But at least I can dream of you and hold you In my dreams to fight off the cold feeling of the winds that blows through my body cutting me to my very soul.And till we meet In real life a pic of you will sustain me enough to get me through my hardship of life and my struggles In my life.


                                                                My love my madness


  My love for you Is like a madness It holds sweet joys,and yet a sadness that hurts me deeply at the same time.Visions of you feels my head as I sleep and as I'm awake too.For I know you suffered like I do maybe even more,but my loved for you stills gets me through when I feeling down and beaten.A heartache here and there plague my soul,for I know your time maybe short here.And that the heavens could very well call home you at anytime,to a home where I'll never see you again.For my heart Is very afraid of losing you for ever that It tears me Inside to even think of the thought.For I want your love so badly,that I can't think of anything else In the world.A obsession for which my heart has no cure,and yet you not there.A world falling apart around me,like time Itself soon becomes unravel upon me.For time Is of a very short lease for me,and not knowing you Is tearing me apart.But give you your space I'll,For If It waiting for you to come to me I must.


                                                                          So much love.


  My heart have so much love to give you,and my soul have so much joy to give you.But you are close to me,for once you were open to my heart and we talked so long.But now you seem so distance to me as I tried to rekindle a flame within your heart.A flame for me that has burned so brightly toward you even In the distance as you moved further away from me.For I tried so hard to Impressed you with romantic thoughts and gestures,but yet you respond not to me.A tune plays In my head and I think off you,a feeling comes over my heart and I feel for you.But as you grow further apart from me my heart aches more for your love that I once had.Memories burns my very soul thinking of you and me together like you once said you wanted to be.A future where you and me are holding each other arms wrapped around each others,lost In each other's eyes like a lover's embraced.But now It all seem so lost to me as I'm force to feel we'll never meet each other.Never feel each other's first kissed or feel each other's body as we dance to the sounds of love In each other heart.For Is a future of love so much to asked for that the gods themselves will denied us our heart desires,or were we never destined to meet at all.


                                                                       A hurtful torment.


  A Hurtful Torment Memories of you lingered In my head feeling my heart with hurtful torment.For my heart hurts so badly that feels like It's gonna bust Into a thousand parts.For I love you so much,but yet you seem to not feel the same anymore.Was It something not said that turned you cold toward me?Or was It just meant to happened that way?For once I was as happy as I can be waking up to a heartfelt email from you,for I love you was somewhere In the email .But now I'm force to face another day without hope,and as I write you back I type In the three magical words that I love you hoping to get a replied back that will free my heart from It's pain and send It soaring again.But no replies come from my email to you.Only more emails from you with more jokes and of Christmas stuff you send.Your attention toward me kills my heart a little more each day as I read them,hoping to see a hint of of love In them.But no love I see,as I read them only tears flow from my eyes and a throbbing pain In my heart to remind me how love can be here 1 day and gone the next.


                                                                         New hope.


 New hopes of you In my future brings me great joy a smile upon my face.Tears once shred strained my face like rain mixing with a freshly painted house,decorating my face for all to see.I once seen I loved you In all my emails,but I've not seen you write In for so very long.My heart shrugs It off as you being just sick,but my gut tells me differently as a sign that you have lost hope In ever meeting me and losing faith In our love.For I once told you when we first started talking never to lose hope In what we have for we'll meet In real life.A joy waiting for us to partake In,and Love to to be joined by kissing and lots of love.For our two bodies joined as one for the first time In a joyous embraced.For I've not lost hope of rekindling a fire deep within your heart for your affection my sole desire,my soul reached out for you In It's loving touched every time I dream of you.And my heart sends out love to you each time I think of you.For my heart has new hope of a you and me.


                                                                       Desires set afire.


  My love for you knows no limit,for even though you are far away from me.My heart bleeds for you,even though your heart has stopped loving me,my heart keeps on loving you In hopes of rekindling your desires.For my sole desire for you,without your loved I feel all cold Inside.A vacant place where my heart beat madly Is left bear,for only scars remained there.Silent tears cried for you and tears shred out loudly remind me that the world Is a cold place Indeed as the chills of sorrows overpowered me .But fight on Is what I must do,for If I've hopes of loving once more I must healed from the Inside as well as the outside too.And I must at least tried to win you back before I give up on you altogether,for quiting Is not a option for me In life.For If I have given up a long time ago I would've died a long time ago,for without love life Is as worthless as seeds without water.For no life can become of them,just as my love for you needs you to loved me me too for It to grow stronger.So I must continued to tried to set your desires afire for me once more.


                                                                      Shattered heart.


  My heart was once whole when I meant you,your smile brought a smile to my face for your beauty was Inner and outer.So I took a chance on you and told you how I felt for you.You replied back that you felt the same toward me.My heart raced as I seem those magical words I loved you on my computer screen and my Inner flame burned once more.But as the time went by you grew colder to me,no longer writing me of your loved for me.My heart breaks a little more each day as we grew apart.For once my days and night were fill full of loved.But now my heart grows darker as It breaks more and more each day.The not knowing where we stand hurts me more and more each day,Bringing a madness to my life and darkness to my heart and soul.I hanged onto the slightest hopes of a rekindled love,but yet It doesn't come.And I'm force to lived with the darkness that surround me all my waking days and night.


                                                  A poem about 2 of my friends I missed them dearly.Their name are Courtney and Shazzy.


                                                              Best friends

  They are there through thick and thin. Best friends Best friends through the end,your loved and kindness never ends.For support you are second to none,for you two never stopped till the end Is done. Truly devoted to each other well being and happiness.Never giving up even when life Is at It's darkest your light shines through bringing your feel of warmth to cleared away the mist.For true friends are worth their weight In gold,for they will never let you down.And they will never lose their value to you as the yrs passes by.So hold your friends close to your heart and never let them down,for without friends you are truly lost to the world.


                                                                 Hold me closely.


  Hold me closely to your heart Is what I desired from,to tasted your lips upon my lips.My flesh upon your flesh Is what I dream of while I slumbered In my deep rest.The look of your eyes as my lips speaks of my loved for you,while my heart beats wildly with excitement.As my hand touched your chest your heart races with desires and your lips becomes moist desired.Your voice becomes shakey as you stumbled to say something that I already know that you loved me.Our flesh mingled with desired pushing us to a higher state of pleasure leaving us exhausted as we drift off to sleep next to each other. 



 A new poem for my gf and fu-wifely on here I loved you Heatherkrc.Up till the day I started talking to you,I've pretty much given up on ever finding my princess.But knowing you even If It's just online for now.And knowing the burning desire that have jumpstarted my heart I'm glad I meant you.I'm looking forward to meeting you In real life too.Looking forward to our first magical kiss,to the first time our body melds Into one.To where I can listen to your beating heart.Our first time together and everything after It.You are truly magical pumpkin and beautiful too.


                                                                     A new horizon.

   My heart knew that I loved you,but my fears kept passions from arising any further then just looking at you.My heart would skipped a beat everytime I seen your beauty.My soul screaming at me to confessed my feeling,made my hands just tremble even more.While my passion burned deeply at my very existence,dying to be known and felt by you.And as the time passed my passion won out and m feelings were known by you for the very first.My heart rejoiced as I soon discovered you have felt the same toward me,but only to broken by life just like me to make the first move.Your voice heavenly and your beauty like that of a rose awaits me,bekoning to me like a beacon from a star above.









 To see more of my poems go here. http://machine4.org/2011/11/17/my-poems/ Many more there.





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