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monkeyboy's blog: "Helped me out."

created on 12/22/2011  |  http://fubar.com/helped-me-out/b345465

 Me and my dad and our dog Socks have been displaced for going on 2 weeks now.Displaced meang not homeless,but not having a home at the same time.We are living In a hotel for now,close to being homeless.Once funds are depleted we'll be living out of our car.No luck finding anything yet.My full story can be read on my blog here 



  In the mean time I'll be tossing up links to my pictures on here on a site that pays me for the views I get on them.You can read my other blog on the link above to see how you can helped me If you want to do so too.But onto the site where my pictures are for now.Click onthe pictures to see more of them.These are of Socks too my and mine dad's dog.I get paid .22 cents for every 1000 views on my pictures for each veiws.So If everyone light them up It'll helped me out a lot.And I sure can use the help too.Life Is bad for now.


   Thanks to everyone that views my pictures,you are helping me out to a large degree.

 I make .22 cents on every 1,000 views of my pictures,and It helps me out too being jobless.So If I can get people to checked out i can make a nice income.  http://www.shareapic.net/content.php?gid=962179&owner=surfer1969 Is the link to see my dolphins pictures.

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