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I have waited for a couple months now to write this, but, I believe I have enough information to discuss this subject accurately. The Occupy "movement" has never had my support as I think a direction or objective is necessary instead of just protesting aimlessly. I can, and do, support the Tea Party because both of us want limited government, a cut in spending, a return to the Constitution among other things.

For the last two months, I've watched Occupy Wherever with disgust. It seems the protestors want the government to provide them everything while they claim no responsibilities for themselves. They have left their parents' homes (where they demanded everything and provided nothing) to protest Corporate Greed. We know this because they used their corporate made smartphones and laptops to post on corporate entities such as Facebook and Twitter. They used pictures taken by corporate made cameras to document their trials and tribulations as they pranced around in their expensive, corporate made clothes, crying about how oppressed they are.

Now, I realize the economy is tough right now. In the last 34 months, the unemployment rate has gone from 7.8% to over 9% (over 16% if you use the real numbers). Gas prices have about doubled because, for some reason, we are importing more and producing our own less or none. Food prices are rising. Our energy prices are (necessarily) skyrocketing. Government regulations are choking the life out of businesses, both large and small. Things are tough.

But, how accurate are the talking points of the Occupy Wherever? They think of themselves as the 99% against the 1%, the millionaire and corporations. The 1% comes from President Obama's class warfare propaganda claiming they don't pay their fair share. Well, it takes a bit less today to be in the 1% than it did in years past. It takes about $380K to be included in the group. But, the group is responsible for about 40% of the tax revenues paid to the government. In fact, the bottom 47% pay no taxes at all. The movements use of the 99% is just wrong.

Peaceful demonstrations? Not this group. They are among the most hateful of groups around. It may well be they associations they keep. Those groups include the unions, the American Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, Revolutionary Communist Party, the Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, CAIR, the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khamenei, the government of North Korea, the Communist Party of China and Hezbollah. That a lot of hate. Each of these groups or individuals has proclaimed support for Occupy Wherever. You can also see such notables as ACORN and the AFL-CIO on signs in the crowds. Then, there are others, such as President Obama, Vice President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Director Michael Moore ( how much is he worth?) and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.who have expressed their support many times in front of any camera they can find. And, since Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is head of the Democratic National Committee, doesn't it figure the DNC itself must support the Occupy Wherever as well? That is quite a list of groups. Is there any wonder there is so much anti-Semitism coming from the protestors? I want nothing to do with them!

The Occupiers and the irresponsible media, with few exceptions, say they aren't that different from the Tea Party. I say they are polar opposites! When the Tea Party holds a rally, they pay for permits, protest peacefully, with no damage. Afterward, they go home, leaving the area cleaner than when before they arrived. There have been no arrests, no complaints. The Occupy Wherever is quite different. They damage everything in sight, including the jobs of the people working at businesses in the area ( wouldn't they be part of the 99%?). There is sex, drugs and things even more disgusting. There have been over 2750 arrests, at least 8 rapes, probably more since they didn't want the victims going to the police, and at least 7 deaths, at least one ruled a homicide. All this in just two months. The Tea Party's record goes back two years! Oh, and when the Occupiers leave an area, it has to be condemned.

Much of this was started by the young people on college campuses, spurredf on by their left-leaning professors who are tenured and would get paid whether they have students in classes or not. The students were told they would be getting worthless diplomas and no jobs, so instead of looking for work, they hang out and protest. They couldn't get employment with their degrees in Estern Philosophy or Underwater Basket Weaving. They amass huge student loan debt. I'm sorry for that. Of course, I didn't force them to sign for a loan to a private college for $80,000 per year. Remember, a loan, by definition, includes an obligation to repay, an obligation they want forgiven!

So the "host" cities need to close the camps, before their economies go under. The Occupiers need to go back to their parents, where they can be required to pay their own way. They need to get some sense of responsibility and a job. In other words, get a life!
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