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Six Questions (1)1301 month ago
The Absent President (1)2633 months ago
Our Role In Afghanistan (1)25301 year ago
Vacation Time In DC (3)21,7711 year ago
A New Nationalism? (1)12,0563 years ago
Occupy Wherever (1)21,6623 years ago
The Palestinian Problem (1)11,7153 years ago
Remembering 9/11- The 10th Anniversary (1)11,4633 years ago
Save America (1)02,6653 years ago
Mr. President, You Do Not Speak For Me! (1)01,8903 years ago
Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter (1)01,7573 years ago
NLRB Fighting Losing Battle (1)01,7514 years ago
The American Dream Is In Jeopardy (1)31,8744 years ago
Radiation and Strip Searches (1)01,3754 years ago
CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion (1)01,4144 years ago
Failure Is Obama's Strategy (1)01,3354 years ago
How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher (1)11,3304 years ago
Wil Harry Reid Also Hide In Illinois? (1)01,4514 years ago
Muslim Women And Sharia Law (1)21,4244 years ago
Bernanke Helps Defuse "Default" (1)01,4064 years ago
In The Wake Of Rising Oil Prices (1)01,0144 years ago
Obama Will Make You Pay More At The Pump (1)08764 years ago
The Tea Party Stands Firm (1)01,1044 years ago
You Have To Pass This Amnesty Bill To See What's In It (1)11,0644 years ago
A Legal Victory On The Road To Repeal (1)01,2194 years ago
Government CouldDiscourage Preventive Services Access (1)01,0554 years ago
Obama Drops The Declaration (1)11,0754 years ago
Liberalism Is Failing (1)08954 years ago
A Parent's Worst Nightmare (1)01,0494 years ago
The Obama Elite vs. The American People (1)19644 years ago
Five Months To The Largest Tax Increase In History (1)19614 years ago
A Reminder of What The 4th of July Means- (1)11,1104 years ago
Line Item Veto... Good Idea, Bad Idea (1)07364 years ago
Job Creation 101: Tax Hikes Don't Work (1)17754 years ago
Hey, Congress, It's The Spending, Stupid! (1)17914 years ago
How Much Is Washington Willing To Tax America? (1)07644 years ago
President Obama's Supreme Court Double Standard (1)17734 years ago
The Road To Repeal Is Well Underway (1)17064 years ago
The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce (1)15595 years ago
Lawmakers Submit to Obamacare- Accidentally (1)15435 years ago
Your Right To Vote (1)17065 years ago
Obamacare: It's Not Over Yet (1)05705 years ago
The Slaughter Rule: Yet Another Reason Obamacare Would Be Unconstitutional (1)26695 years ago
Deformed Healthcare Reform (1)06525 years ago
Pelosi's Failure (1)55605 years ago
Did Obama's Health Summit Work? (1)27275 years ago
Global Warming Hysteria Strikes Again (1)16345 years ago
A Grim Fiscal Forecast (1)18765 years ago
The State of Our Union (1)16955 years ago
Obamacare Not Dead Yet (1)04665 years ago
The First Amendment Endures (1)04845 years ago
The Stimulus Math (1)05415 years ago
Is Obamacare Constitutional? (1)25295 years ago
Taxes Destroy Jobs, Not Create Them (1)14065 years ago
Top 10 Questions On Obama's Afghanistan Strategies (1)03165 years ago
Gun History (1)04535 years ago
Six Things We Can Be Thankful For (1)33895 years ago
New Campaign Will Defeat Obamacare (1)03935 years ago
Putting One-fifth of America On Welfare (1)03485 years ago
Health Care Hijacked (1)14315 years ago
Buyer's Remorse (1)07555 years ago
Why The Whole Constitution Matters (1)15255 years ago
How Government Spending Hurts National Security (1)13275 years ago
Not A Tax Hike, Madame Speaker? (1)05305 years ago
Gigantic, Unintelligible, Unaffordable, Over-regulatory Federal Legislation (1)07855 years ago
Even The Poor Slammed By Obamacare (1)05485 years ago
The "Bi-partisan" Big Government Health Plan (1)03325 years ago
Tax and Spend Health Care (1)22995 years ago
Moving Forward in Afghanistan (1)02155 years ago
The Reason You Won't Be Able To Sell Your House In A Year (1)04635 years ago
America Remains Split On Health Care (1)05555 years ago
Stop the Stimulus Spending Boondoggle (1)02555 years ago
When Is A Tax Increase Not A Tax Increase (1)02385 years ago
No More Apologies- Get To Work!!! (1)02935 years ago
Tell The Administration "Yes" on Energy Exploration (1)13455 years ago
Obama's Healthcare Speech (1)02765 years ago
Reagan's Warning on Obamacare: He Predicted This (1)13375 years ago
Era of Responsibility (1)06165 years ago
Obama's 5 Big Lies on Healthcare (1)16215 years ago
Saving Home Health Care (1)13435 years ago
Spending Spiraling Out of Control (1)03665 years ago
Tax, Spend, Regulate- No solution to Healthcare (1)06625 years ago
Hillarycare Revisited- The Nationalization of America's Health-care System (1)13595 years ago
How to hurt the economy (1)03055 years ago
Iran's Sham Election (1)03425 years ago
Stop the Democrats Plans for the Free Market (1)03105 years ago
The Facts on Obama's Supreme Court Choice (1)14025 years ago
Help stop the National Energy Tax (1)03315 years ago
Supreme Court Vacancy (1)02985 years ago
Outrage over Arlen Specter (1)13326 years ago
Profiles in Arrogance (1)13936 years ago
Plant an ACORN (1)04866 years ago
Speak out to Defend Conscience Protections (1)02936 years ago
Voter Alert (1)03836 years ago
Gun Lovers- A Must Read (1)04836 years ago
Bailout 2.0 (1)16826 years ago
Hypocrisy runs rampant (1)13716 years ago
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