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Tannim's blog: "NOTA '08???"

created on 06/29/2008  |
On a different blog, Lady Gaura referred to Obama as an empty eggshell. So... With a tip of a striped hat to Dr. SeussÖinspired by Lady Gaura. I do not like an empty shell. I do not like it very well. I will not vote for Old War Coot. I will not vote for Empty Suit. I will not vote for Darth Nader. I will not vote for Barr Vader. I will not vote for Pastor Chuck. I will not vote for the Green Schmuck. The choices suck for 2008. For four more years, freedom must wait. But can we take four more years, Of war and death and playing on fears? Can we take four more years, Of no jobs, no cash, and lots of tears? Nothing left, no place to go. What Iíll do, I just donít know. Then I look up and I see The candidate thatís right for me. He promises nothing, and delivers less. No pile of crap dumped on my chest. No funds to raise, no favors to owe. No speeches to make, no places to go. Heís the last place for a discouraged "vota", That place to turn to is called, simply, NOTA! I think that NOTA is the best. I think heís better than the rest. Iíll vote for the best one I choose. Iíll vote for NOTAĖ-I canít lose!
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