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This is for members of the downtown bombing family. If you do not join the family u will be removed from friends list after awhile will remain your fan thou. All members should not join or be in another bombing family < not all familes are bombing families> Please do not be in a contest right as u enter we mat not be able to help u at the moment . We want members who are going to participate and rate family members. If u do not wanna bomb please do not join for this family is not for you. Please come to us if u are going to be gone or unable to help for awhile if no notice we will reserve the right to remove you or include you in any of the activities we do.If you want our help in contest please have the manners to come and make sure another family member has entered a contest and asked for help first we can only do so much at one time.

So if you think you want to join just stop by and and lets us know and we will set you up!!!!!! DJPhilburg360
~~DownTown Bombers Homepage~~

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that kink above is the homepage and you can also go to the owners and the are going to be below this !!!!!!!!!

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~~SugarSpice~~ ~~~ ♠ Dirty south Crew ♠ ~~Co-Founder of Wakan-Tanka Clan

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~DJPhilburg360~~Dirty South Crew~~Owner of Magical Nights~~Founder Of Wakan- Tanka Clan~~

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