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The Elimination Show Down !!! It's All About Survival !! Heres how it works 1. CONTESTANTS MUST BE SALUTED - Level 5 or Higher to enter 3. Bombers Must Also Be Saluted & Friend - Level three or Higher to comment Bomb 4. Anyone may Rate photos 5. ONCE Contest starts No New Entries 6. Once Contest Starts I will add people as I see them I do have to sleep. (If they are Confederate Bombers They Will Be Blocked NOT Added ) 7. My Blocked List Will Be Cleared With The exception of Confederate Bombers None will be allowed to participate. Rates = 3 Pts Each Comments = 1 Pts Each This contest is one Of Jokers Wilds One Of A kind Contest. Each 24 Hrs after the start I take out the Contestants Picture with the highest amount of comments and rates until there is only one contestant. that contestant is the winner and the survivor. Anyone that is on my friends list may comment bomb whoever they like to try and eliminate an opponent. ( * Folder will be closed during Removal and screenshot, and highest scored photo removed and Folder will then be reopened - Max 5 Min ) Another Catch, just because your picture is Eliminated dosn't mean you cant still play and eliminate someone ! The object of the contest is to eliminate your compitition with the most comments and rates. NO POOR SPORTSMANSHIP COMMENTS ALLOWED ! these are the rules to the contest
here is the link to the contest and the rules again ty all
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