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U know its sad when u can take a 11yr old with u for a walk through a spencers store and she doenst once question the amount of dildos on the wall or the shirts that talk bout anal or pussy but yet u come to a internet site thats SUPPOSED to be for adults and people cant stand to see the word fuck on a pic or some cartoon chicks nipples? seriously wtf is wrong with our society?

in the middle ages they accepted sex and have nude art and statues but now we suddenly have to be cover those? seriously arent we supposed to move forward and not backwards. we need to teach out chicldren there is nothing wrong with sex or nudity.. maybe if we did kids wouldnt have such a complextion bout their bodies. Im not sayin go shovin porn on ur kids or run around naked or havin sex in front of them but dont act like its the most embarrasing things in the world either and avoid the issue and hope the school takes care of it when ur child asks.

Im not sure what most people do when they own someone on here as each person has their own personal limitations Financially Im not able to buy bling and all that crap and prolly wouldnt even if i could. I will not buy anyone that has not bothered to ever say "hi" to me or that I do not care to say "hi" to.

Heres some of the things I do for my "pets" (fuownees):

1. I will try to keep ur buzz meter full.

2. I will try to keep at least 1/2 ur pics..if not all (depending on how many u have) rated.

3. I will leave u comments when I can.

4. If u are close to leveling I will try to help u out.

As a "pet" in good standing I try to mantain at least some form of convo, even if its only through the gifts n drinks I set or through messages. Those that can peak my interest could then be added to my family list, allowing for a whole new set of perks.

Those on my family list have the right to use the SB to talk to me and they have the right to view n rate any family only pics I might put up as well. Those family members that I really like will also have access to my messanger name as well as a few other special things.

So dont be a jerk or a total freak and use some respect with the people u send messages to. I dont think many people on here really wanna hear, "Ur so hot I wanna cream in ur hole" and shit like that without knowing u.. and even then its not something I want to hear.


For anyone that personally talks to me this will be old news for u but as for the rest of u im gonna give a quick little update to my life. Back in april i quit my job.. at walmart. I took a month off for my bday and to just not have to stress on anything. I got a new job workin at Hobby Lobby in the frame shop. I totally hated the job. Most the time it was too repeditive and the other part of the time it was just... boring. Not to mention that on freight day it was jsut hot n sweaty moving stuff outta the truck to the floor. My department managers were real bitches the majority of the time (u know the type of women that seem to be on the rag permanently). Granted i guess if i was a virgo then it would be perfect job.. always worrying bout perfection but im just not that nit picky. It recently flooded here in alot of the parts of town. I had been driving and had no choice but to go through it, which ended up flooding the car. So in the long run it was rended useless. And because of that Im being kicked out of where Im living by the end of AUG. Anyhows.. I met someone in town and we really hit it off good. I really like him and I think he really likes me. So that sorta took care of having a tiny social life on fridays. (He knows who he is) ;) (And dont worry Im still tryin to find time for everyone else). Fri me and my best friend/part time roommate (dark jester) and i went n bought a new car. Its pretty nice, totally loaded, ect. Today when I went into work, after bout an hr I was called to the office and fired over some pic I had REdone. I had accidently cut the side of my finger without realizing it and a drop of blood got onto the pic. Granted noone wants blood on their pic.. specially a white one. Not knowing what else to do I put a piece of WHITE tape over the spot that i had tried to clean the blood off of. Well that was obviously the wrong thing to do so i had to call the lady back and have her bring in a new copy (which was prolly only printed off on her office printer anyhows so not worth much). She had no problem with it and dropped another by and i REdid the pic and called her back later to pick it up. Her office was happy with it. NO big deal... or least so i thought. Obviously my mamagers didnt think so. (after havin to listen to her bitch all day the day before bout how this or that wasnt right.. even shit that was not even my fault cause i wasnt even at the freakin store at the time). So in the long run.. not only do i not have a job, i have a car payment to make at the end of the month, and it puts us even further back on finding a new place to live. (And I still havent told him just yet I lost my job.) Which puts a real damper on the social life thing. Im not sure how much worse the month could go.
Do you ever think that most of us expect nothing from someone we are interested in when we first get together in a relationship with that person but then expect too much later on in the relationship, leading to arguments and fights? I think we expect them to act and be a certain way and when they arent it angers us for not being what we want them to be. We strive to be with someone that is non changing, or changing in the way to our own version of perfect and we take our anger/frustration out on those non intended, causing them confusion and hurt feelings. Women would understand this concept more then men Im sure but I think in our own ways we each understand it. In all I think this is ONE reason for the break down of relationships and fights between couples over "nothing". Of course each side thinks they have their own reasons and explanations for the argument, as well as tryin to find someone to blame when there really isnt anyone at fault. I was recently told that I got mad over the stupidiest things and for "no reason at all" way too much and when I think on it Im not even sure what it was now that I mighta been mad about, which means that in all they were right.. it was nothing. Nothing that is cept hurt feelings causing unfixable damage to those involved later on. ive tried to tell otehrs, and myself, that if its not something thats gonna matter on down the line then why get mad but its easier to say that then live on it when it comes down to it.
Ok Im havin some troubles in tryin to decide what costume i should get this yr that doesnt cost a fortune but makes for some good pics. Ive played out t he school girl, devil, vamp things so i was lookin for something thats not "girlie/girlie/cutsie" but cant decide on anything. Let me know if u all have any ideas (and the cheaper the costume the better).
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