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->Mistress C...: Damn you..damn you..Why ya letting me win..I wanna know more about your relations.. ->Mistress C...: yes..i do study psychology..BTW ->Mistress C...: the good news is you probably have a high IQ..but likely you were ADD/ADHD as a child ->Mistress C...: portraits of pioneering in psychology.. My Coke Re...: better yet, dont bother, im not a matter of fact, im outtie, I have better things to do that to waste my time with some "wannabee". so you go have a hell of a day. My Coke Re...: please.....if there are many books, im so sure that your smart enough to give me one without having to look...... ->Mistress C...: brb ->Mistress C...: ok just a moment let me go to my library..i will get one My Coke Re...: name one ->Mistress C...: well it shows examples in many psych books and no mrs robinson did not tell me anything My Coke Re...: did mrs robinson tell you that? lol My Coke Re...: where does it says that einstein? ->Mistress C...: well when men use the CUNT is an indicator that there has been some issues with a controlling mother My Coke Re...: thought you was better than that. guess i was seriously wrong.... My Coke Re...: only a scumbag or a cunt would go there.... My Coke Re...: most people wouldnt appreciate someone talking about their mothers..... ->Mistress C...: uh oh...the MOTHER thing has hit a soft spot.. My Coke Re...: Beverly Hills, CA??? I thought only slim & athletic people live there, not fat heffers like yourself.....maybe you should lay off the cock, oops im mean coke. ROFL! My Coke Re...: of course you do, you just spoke to her lol ->Mistress C...: I am beginning to think maybe you had some issues with your mother when you were young? ->Mistress C...: why I have no CUNT friends.. My Coke Re...: not really, the scraps are the stuff your trying to crawl up my ass with, and that I heard from your cunt friend earlier. ->Mistress C...: hahaha that what ya are? My Coke Re...: good for you to being a cock, im mean coke drinker. My Coke Re...: well i think you can probably think of something better than your friends' scraps lol ->Mistress C...: i don't like getting under skin, i prefer crawling up someones ass My Coke Re...: try something origianl if your gonna try to get under my skin lol ->Mistress C...: what is it that boring? My Coke Re...: yawn. ->Mistress C...: so tell me about your childhood? ->Mistress C...: and here i was looking for a new playmate.. My Coke Re...: no thanks, I got better things to do. thanks anyways ->Mistress C...: ok look now ya got the triple dog dare.. ->Mistress C...: ok i double dog dare you.. ->Mistress C...: go ahead punish me..i dare you.. My Coke Re...: nah, I cant punish you for being a dumb shit for being her friend. lol ->Mistress C...: oh and thanks in advance for all the 1's ya gonna give me ->Mistress C...: lol..message passed My Coke Re...: tell her your welcome.....and that I won! lol ->Mistress C...: oh and she says thanks for the thumbs down..cause she still got points.. My Coke Re...: well good for you then. lol ->Mistress C...: oh i never block honey My Coke Re...: have a nice day. lol My Coke Re...: yeah you too, dont forget to go & block me now, like your bitch friend. ->Mistress C...: lol..happy sunday My Coke Re...: lol
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