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FvckingCannibal's blog: "2011"

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The end to my dear friend has come...Kuki the marvelous cat!  Unlike any other feline, he filled my home for almost two decades with unconditional love, entertainment and zany antics.  R.I.P. my companion, you are loved and will always be missed..




My son, a strong compassionate 10 yr old said he would have never forgiven me had he not been there for Kuki whilst his life ended..he dealt with losing his lifetime best friend, his companion in the crib, toddler bed and into the twin...Kuki didn't know he was a cat and had no fear of dogs or other animals..he helped me de-ferralize many cats when I did rescue work years ago..before children.  He was the mother figure to my pit mix dogs...and well I will never forget him for the joy and comfort he brought to our lives.

All day today I have been contemplating taking my elderly cat euthanize him.  It makes me cry to think about it, he has been there since I was 25...  Kuki is his name, he is or was true to it.  A crazy cat that has no idea that he is any different from dogs, people or other cats.  As of late he has been not doing so well, he has polyps in his ears the vet said to just leave alone as he probably wouldn't make it out of anesthesia and over the last week, he no longer desires food.  I was thinking when I do, that I will get him cremated and keep him in a nice little teak box...Anyways just wanted to express myself...I am sad.  This was him 3 yrs ago..

September 10th 2001 my dear son Adam was born, he will be 10 tomorrow :) Laser Tag and dinner...time flys, seems like yesterday I was holding him, now I stand to hug him as his chin rests on my shoulder...tomorrow will come too soon and I will be looking up and my chin will be on his shoulder when I hug him..

Is J.K. Rowling, an average woman with an extraordinary gift to inspire children and adults to read in this technology driven world.  Her writing has stimulated the imagination of all.


Interesting Fact:

Every 30 seconds someone in the world starts to read a Harry Potter book.

Savta Hannah passed away yesterday afternoon.  She was 3 months shy of becoming a centurion, she was born in Kolodenka, Ukraine.  As a newlywed, her husband was taken by the Russian Army to never return to meet his son.  She fled to the mountains of the Ukraine with her infant, not circumsizing him for fear of being targeted as Jews.  There she stayed until it was safe to travel to Kiev.  She raised her son on her own as most all of her family had perished by either the Russian Army or Hitler's Henchmen.  Around 1975 she made her way to Israel where she became a nurse and helped raise her now 3 grand children.  She then moved to Nigeria for a few years, then back to Israel..finally making it to the United States in 1986 where she remained, illegally until passing her Citizenship exam around 1997.  She led an extrordinary life by all accounts.  She is survived by her Son, daughter in law, 3 grandson's, and 7 great grandchildren.


RIP Savta Hanna Feldman...a life well lived!

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