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Whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

I day dream of you,
in a faraway land;
embracing me tight
and holding my hand.

Holding my hand,
and touching my face.
Just you and me,
in this peaceful place.

In this peaceful place
a pristine river flows.
Where the unicorns run,
a breeze always blows.

A breeze always blows
and sings of a song;
our love in a place
where you're never gone.

Where you're never gone
is as it would seem,
from dusk until dawn,
whenever I day dream.

And whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

- Cassie McNair


**Personal Note**

Deb, thoughts of you run contant through my mind and heart...longing for you each and every day. I dedicate this poem to you, My Love, to show my very real thoughts for you and how much you truly mean to me. I Love You with an EVERLASTING love! :)


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