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Hello Love

I wanted to write you a letter today. I wish to give you thankfulness for being within the gracile boundaries of my entire lifetime. Without you embracing the moments of my heart, I wouldn’t know the deep passions I have experienced. I would never have been opened to the visions of dreams. Without you I would never have experienced lovingness, I also would never have overcome the ache of my broken heart. I willingly will experience again just for you.

Through you, I am a better person with all that you have introduced me to in all my times of need, and I am grateful for your selflessness. You are the breadth of my life force, the reasons I am with gratitude of tender mercies of your gifts in love.

My life would never have been the same had you not touched me with the gifts of humility to know what it means to feel humbled. I am humbled within you, just as I am empowered to know you through the lessons of your virtue. The righteous paths you have chosen for me to encounter are all monumental lessons of your undying devotion. Without your compassions in love there would be no comprehension of value and worth. I would never have understood wisdoms without the arms of your knowledge embracing me to love deeper than my own needs and desires. You taught me to love above myself within the boundaries of your imperial freedoms. You inscribe my deepest passions with fulfillments in the days I wake, the rest I need. You are the completeness of my soul within my heart’s voice.

You are my passion, my desire, my ache, my hurt, my mending, my emotions. You are everything to me. You are the loyalty of devote commitments & I am somebody because you touch my heart with the words of your exotic knowledge. You complete me.

Thank You Love, for speaking to my soul…

In all my love dedicated to you, I am grateful to know you exist…

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