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Lost secrets By their pure representation, Tiahuanaco, the Pyramids of Egypt, Ba'albek and numerous sacred sites all over the world, project some light, reflecting bygone civilizations and their incredible enigmas. All of these edifices must have left printed or carved material for future generations and indeed they did. I have gathered some well-documented information pertaining to the many crimes committed against mankind, in a combination of greed, ignorance fueled by fear and a specific religious agenda. Julio Cesar carries with him the heavy responsibility of setting the first fire in the Alexandria Library, where erudite "Ptolemme Soter" assembled an incredible inventory of over 700,000 books representing much of the totality of the human knowledge, since the dawn of time. Four centuries later, another fire started by an ignorant bunch of vandals, completely destroying the remaining of this extraordinary knowledge. In the year 641, this spiritual site was finally removed from the face of the earth by yet, another fire, this time ordered by "Le calife Omar." The Muslim authority in command was approached by his responsible captains regarding the fate of some of those inestimable books. The Muslim Chief responded "If what ever those books mention anything involving the Qumran , we do not need them, you can burn them; and if this those teachings are not in our Holy book, then you must burn them like you would burn an infidel!" Those precious manuscripts took many months to burn and were used as fuel for the boilers of Alexandria establishments. Only a fragment of these priceless books were saved from the fire. Another crime against knowledge, took place in the year 240 BC by the order of Chinese Emperor, Tsin CheHoang. He commanded his troops to burn all books teaching history, astronomy, astrology and philosophy that existed in his empire. Again, knowledge is power and power means freedom, this long departed evil, greedy spirit was not at all concerned to educate his subjects, as to remain in his ultimate control. In the 3rd Century, another impasse against man's oldest collection of wisdom took place when in Roma, "Diocletien" ordered his fearful followers to bring to him all books, containing magical formula to make gold or further any form of spiritual consciousness. His excuse was that the old tradition could permit one to challenge his power or to make gold and buy his empire. More acts of vandalism, in the name of fear and ignorance, took place when the New Testament (apostles acts) reveal that Saint Paul, amassed in "Ephese" all magical books explaining "curious things" and ordered his priests to burn them publicly. Again, in Ireland, following a higher ecclesiastic order, ignorant priests burned 10,000 manuscripts carved on the bark of specifically treated birch trees. Incredibly, the priceless books contained all traditions and the development of the Celtic race. More, in the XVI century, Spanish religious fanatic authorities, fueled by their criminal ignorance, gave in to the fire of stupidity to the ever so important Mexican, Yucatan Manuscripts. During the same period, other Spanish bishops, upon the return of the "Conquistadors" from the South of America, burned away a tremendous amount of precious documentation's. Not to mention, the "invaders" committed terribly cruel acts against the peaceful, indigenous population they encountered. Some of their own (burned) documentation's revealed what method of persuasion was used, by the "Christian" soldiers, to gain from the locals. They simply cut the hands, arms and legs of the residents and took all their valuable possessions. To make the tribal Chief divulge where the gold was, the soldiers grouped all the females, kicked their children and cut their breasts. History mentions that the Indian Chiefs of those tribes, thought of the "invaders" as Gods. They offered them hospitality, food and presents. Sad enough for the Indians, their temples were loaded with gold and silver. Later on, upon their return, the greedy Spaniards wanted more and used force with powder guns, to steal all the priceless artifacts. In 1519, Hernando Cortez lead eleven ships and over 600 men along the Yucatan's gulf coast, looking for the Aztec Eldorado city of Gold. A gold disk representing the Sun (79 inches in diameter and inch thick) and a Silver disk representing the Moon were taken from the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon. Cortez brought all the confiscated treasures back to Spain, where the Emperor Charles V of the Holly Empire, did not hesitate to have it all melted down, to finance his own religious wars. Disrupting facts! Those marvelous temples were demolished and with them, the accumulated knowledge of many disappeared generations. Upon the solid foundations of those temples, churches were erected and the dogmatic Christian teachings were imposed upon the remaining defenseless locals. Thousands of years of unimaginable amount of knowledge was decimated, burned to the ground. Thus, only to be replaced by a much younger religion, where pure celestial knowledge and natural laws were purposely omitted, at the expense of the numerous, uninformed, pious and God fearing followers. This Era and horrible acts against other humans in the name of greed, fear and religious fanaticism, decimated many tribes. Around 1566, Francesco Toledo, the "Vice-Roi" of Peru, wrote in his memoirs about the beauty, quality and craftsmanship found in the Incas textile industry. He was also impressed by certain significant, tablet inscriptions depicting the Incas history, astronomy, signs, science, prophecies etc. In fear of his religious convictions, the ignorant soul ordered his soldiers to burn it all, in the name of God. The books of Garcilaso De La Vega and small remaining collections of the most precious knowledge, on the South of America Mythology and its habitants, were burnt in Spain in the XVI century. However, the Secret Vatican Library aristocracy, aware of the wealth and power they could gain, kept some of those incredible manuscripts for translation. They took the same attitude at home, in Europe, by confiscating the valuable work of many erudite men, and rewarded them by sending them to the stake. The destruction of our own very past, ordered by those in power over the centuries, can only reflect a strict religious agenda or simply, pure ignorance or both. Those deplorable acts are indeed the most serious crimes ever made, directly against mankind. Imagine for a second, if the golden keys of what it means to be human and our purpose on earth was available at your local library, this might very well change our attitude towards each other and our common fate in the realization of true love, perfection and pure wisdom. ******* Astropsychology, Hypnotherapy, Cabalistic Healing, Motivational Speaker, Author, Marriage Counselor. Order And Services http://www.drturi.com/readings.php Free Newsletter http://www.drturi.com/news/ " Your Future is Nothing Else Than the Reincarnation of Your Thoughts." - Dr.Turi
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