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59 Year Old · Male · Invited by: babyjesus · Joined on September 28, 2006 · Born on February 26th · 42 referrals joined!
59 Year Old · Male · Invited by: babyjesus · Joined on September 28, 2006 · Born on February 26th · 42 referrals joined!

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59 Year Old · Male · Invited by: babyjesus · Joined on September 28, 2006 · Born on February 26th · 42 referrals joined!
Television Shows: Host Show/Channel Location Ms. Kiku Lani Iwata
Radio Programs: HostShow/ChannelLocation George Noory"Coast To Coast AM" - Nationwide Syndication CA Art Bell"Coast To Coast AM" - Nationwide SyndicationNV Hilly Rose"Coast To Coast AM" - Nationwide SyndicationCA Rob Simone"The Headroom" - Resonance 104.4 FMLondon, UKPaul Coyte"Capital Gold" - 1323/945 AMLondon, UKCharlie Crocker"BBC Radio"London, UKHoward Hughes"TalkSPORT Radio"London, UK James Whale"TalkSPORT Radio"London, UK Jerry Pippin"Adventures in Internet Broadcasting"US Shemayea Bey"Astrologycally Speaking" - WURD 900 AMPAEugene Ellis"Controvesial News" - 700 XEPE AMCA Eddie MiddletonWMC "The Mighty 790"Memphis, TN Leroy Baylor"The Communicators" - WHCR FMNYDavid OatesReverse Speech and unusual phenomenonAU Rob McConnel"The X Zone Radio Show"CanadaTom CampbellKXAM 1310Phoenix, AZ Paula & Tazz"Paula Nunes & Tazz Powers show"CA Jeff Rense"Sighting on the Radio" - Orbit 7, Radio NetworkWA Ed Craft"Magick Mind" - IBC Radio NetworkFLA Mary Sutherland "BUFO & Para-Normal Radio"USEben Ray"Radio Alchymy" - KPFK 90.7 FMCA Dave Allan"The "Nite Hawk" - 1080Monterey, CALou Epton"Talk of Las Vegas" - KNXP 840 AMLas Vegas, NV Larry JamisonKGLO 1340 AMCA Rob McConnel"The X Chronicles" - IPBN Int Radio NetworkWAJon RappoportKLAV 1230 AMLas Vegas, NV Sandra MarshallKGLV 1340 AMSan Luis Obispo, CARoger Hedgecock KSDO 1130 AMSan Diego, CADr. Frederika L. GoldKCINApple Valley, CADave BergKGMG AM 1320Oceanside, CAAustin ValiKULA 96.3 FM/AMHonolulu, HIJohn Van ZanteKCEO 1000 AMVista, CADave Burger91X AM/FMSan Diego, CA Joyce Isaacs KVET 1300 AMAustin, TXSteve Ryan & Ross FordKILO 94.3 FMCA/CO Pat McMahonKTAR 620 AMPhoenix, AZ Jan Ross KFYI 910 AMPhoenix, AZ Paxton QuigleyKMPC AM 70CA Randy RanshowKSCJ 1360 AMIALenny James KMLB 1440 AMLA Kay MurrayWAJR 1440 AMWV C.B. MaxwellKIEZ/KNRY AM 1240/540Monterey Bay, CAMichelle Corr"KXAM 1310 AMAZ
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I have a wide variety of interests because I am so creative and I never get bored. I love to teach and write books. I love taking care of my Doberman puppy and my Persian cat when I am at home. My home is my castle I enjoy working around the house improving its appearance and value. Swimming is also something I love to do. I graduated from the Royal School of Music in London and I love to play piano and my guitar to relax. I love true musical art where the depth of creativity brings peace ro me in my home. I was born in France in the French Riviera; my father was Sicilian my mother is French. Get the Moon Power Starguide 2006 FREE! Download now! A Few Photos Me with Dr. Roger Leir and my dear friend Jordan Maxwell to whom I owe the world. (2006) "The Four Horsemen of the Cosmos." We all flew-in to hang out at the Palms Resort where we received the "red carpet" treatment, and had some very positive and uplifiting experiences. Bryant McGill, Gary Busey, Dr. Louis Turi, Jim Karol. Did you hear about us on Coast to Coast AM? We may all do an in-studio show together in LA sometime soon. (2006) Having some fun with Gary Busey and Jon Lovitz. (2006) Me and Scott "The Human Calculator" Flansburg. (2006) Hanging with the boys in Vegas. Jim Karol, Miko Brando (Marlon Brando's Son), Gary Busey, Bryant McGill, Jon Lovitz, and Dr. Louis Turi. Did you hear about "The Four Horsemen of the Cosmos" on Coast to Coast AM? We may do an in-studio show together in LA sometime soon. (2006) Goofing off with Gary Busey. (2006) Me and my buddy Jim Karol. (2006) Me with Tom and Roger. (2006) A couple new friends. (2006) The Stretch Driving us Around during our stay. (2006) Books by Dr. Turi Moon Power Starguide 2007 NOW AVAILABLE! Power of the Dragon (ORDER NOW) God Created the Stars (ORDER NOW) I Know All About You (ORDER NOW) Asia Dragon Predictions

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