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created on 08/09/2007  |
I cant think mind trapped just a wink a gentle smack wake up from this someone save me please Terror overwhelming I can't release Tears are falling you just can't see I am fading into disbelief thoughts of feelings racing through my head I want to I have to I just can't find the time loneliness is my trouble acceptance for it so weak I cant hardly speak I am searching beyond my boundaries and nothing I have found in there mind so wondered with illimulating faces simply just tease my lasting uncovered
Sometimes when I'm alone I cry because I'm on my own The tears I cry are bitter and warm They flow with life But take nothing from them I cry because my heart is torn And find it hard to carry on If I had an ear to confide in I would cry among my treasured friends But who do you know That stops for long TO help another cary on The world moves fast And would just as eaisly pass you by Than stop to see what makes you cry
When your heart turns cold it causes your heart to freeze it spreads through out your soul like a ruthless disease the walls that were once down are now standing firm and tall safe from hate, love, pain, joy until your heart feels nothing at all when your heart turns cold a babys cry means nothing a dead corps is trivial mothers neglecting children is daily loneliness becomes your routine friend death seams like tranquility sleeping is never pleasant if you even sleep at all you forget ideas and turn off al reasons to make sure the product gets sold you don't understand anything when your heart turns cold.
One window is all I need to cry And wish I could fly Far away from all the yells fights and screams It never ends so it seems One window is all I need To feel free To be able to be me And not what others want me to be One window is all I need to feel the solitude of the world One window is all I need
Quietly to my darling love I send My sorrowful feelings that tear me A lasting bond that wont break or bend For I feel my ending is what I see I close my eyes and in my mind are frames Your smile, your face feeling your warm embrsce Taken away only anger may tame The feeling that were left in your place My heart slowly dies down THe beating cease A beauty trait a smile turned to frown Your love held it together piece by piece Wave my white flag and turn in my crown I have not given up all sincere hope But on my reconing you shal not dote
The other day I was sitting around and got to thinking, "what do i want to be when i grow up". i sat there for a few minuets and realized exactly what i want to be. I want to be like my Ma'am (Lady Twisted Karma) She is one of the most wonderful people who have blessed my life. She is a very strong, beautiful,spiritual, caring, intelligent woman. She is always there for me, and anyone who asks for help. She has an answer for just about everything, and if she doesn't She will reference you to a book which will answer your question. I look up to Her in everything she does. She has showed me life can be hard, but tomorrow is another day to be happy. i honestly don't know what i would do with out Her. my role model and who i look up to in all aspects of life, one of the people i love the most and couldn't fathom life with out, is my Ma'am. ~Lady Twisted Karma~

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what do you do when the 2 people you love the most are areguing/fighting and you sit there and watch it. not knowing what to do. feeling as if they are falling apart and you are split between them, when you are trying to hold them together. trying to figure out where the communication isnt meeting up, and you feel you are falling apart as well. i an at the point of going outside and screaming untill everyone stops and listens. being an empathic person has its goods and its bads but when the 2 most important people in your life are drifting away from each other it feels like a curse. i feel like i'mm 5 years old again watching my mom and dad fight and my dad leave and with him taking a part of me leaving me feeling empty lost and confused. gunna stop my rant now before i go nuts and emotions start to really fly.
When talking with a stranger he said he felt my pain cause years before Katrina he lost his house in flames. I thanked the man with half a smile for all his kind words, but pardon me for saying sir the comparison is absurd. When you lost your precious home in that horrible burning flare I know that you will tell me that all your friends were there. To say that I had help was further from the truth You see all my friends had water to their roofs. And let ask you sir, when you finally did rebound, the community you loved so much..... was it still around? Your church, your grocery the guy who cuts your hair... I'll bet when you moved back, all of it was there. You see, everything dear to me that I loved the most is history forever and my community is a Ghost. Just a small dinner out in yes...a brand new place my wife and I always look for a familiar face. We know we won't see one as we have our meal alone... cause all of these faces have also found new homes. I thanked him anyway as we passed on our goodbyes but I know he could tell by the defeat in my eyes, That so small will be, his story of tragedy after the long lecture that he received from me. I hope he thinks of me as he's washing his new car and says hello to his neighbor, who's gardening from afar. And when he sits in church and looks from left to right he'll nod to all of his friends that he's know all his life. So carry on dear Sir with your neighbors and your friends and pray for everyone that this never happens again. Cause all us from St. Bernard who are still in a delicate state, if another storm heads our way It'll be more than we could take. -Author Unknown: 70043 St Bernard Louisiana will always be home no matter where i live
Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.
Now, in the sky, the bright stars are burning I sing you the song of the long year turning. From the dark gate of Samhain, through Spring into Falling, Hear how the voices of Nature are calling. Gathered the flocks snd the folk for All Hallows, The Summer sun's power has gone with the swallows. Merry the feasting at the Great Assembly, Look in the mirror for hat is to be. On move the stars in the sky's distant wheel, Th folk gather again the season of Yule. Quiet is the hall where the newborn one cries, Lord over men, to be Lord of the Skies. Long nights of winter pass, bitter winds rage, Twelve magic years pass with each day of his age, His Mother is honnored with the harbingers of spring, New armed he goes forth, with the host following. Now, when the first flowers are opening wide, We welcome the Lady, his lover and bride. He hunts in the forest as May buds appear, To seek for the White One who runs with the deer. They leap over bonfires, this May Day so bright, The belefires of Beltaneillumine the night. The grass it grows green and the leaves, they unfold, The hot sun at midday turns swelling corn gold. Soon folk at harvest will toil in the field, Slaying the Corn King and hoarding his yield. Weep for the Bright One, cut down in his prine, Dance and be merry at this harvest time. Gather the apples, the berries and nuts, The puffballs and mushrooms that grow in the Butts, Brown are the leaves autumn rains now are dulling, Cattle and pigs are brought in for the culling. Full are the storehouses, on one need fear, When again the stars shine on the Gate of the Year. Bright in the sky the winter moon's burnig, I sing you the song of the long years turning. Marian Green 1975
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