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h's blog: "Emology 101"

created on 06/22/2007  |  http://fubar.com/emology-101/b94241
{{7/2/07}}Ace colored for the first time today. *aws!* I scanned them and put them on here for a bit. Ima pit t hem in a scrapbook for Ace later on. He loved it. I literally had to pry the crayons out of his hands! It was fun <3 My baby is getting so big so fast! =[ -I've become obsessed with Fall Out Boy lately. It's unreal. Their Infinity On High cd has been in my cd player for the past week straight. I abso-freakin-lutely love them.- *My eye just tried to eat my contact =[ owie* [[RaWr]] {{7/4/07}} Today is our get together. We had it at my grandmother's house. Ace and I got up around 8am and were on the go from then. Helping with the cooking and tryna get stuff set up before everyone started getting there. It wasn't as big as it usually is. My grandparents just had an anniversary party less than a month ago at their house, so a lot of people didn't come. But all Nani's brothers and sisters came with a few of her nieces and nephews. We were originally having the get together at my Uncle Mac's house but my Aunt Virgina just found out that her cancer has spread to her bones and they started her on radiation treatments at the beginning of July and they felt like they couldn't handle it. Which is perfectly understandable. We all had fun. Tiffany came over and brought Lexi so Aasyn spent the day playing with her. Around 7:30 Tiffany picked me up to take me and Ace down to Oxford Lake to see the fireworks. Somehow we didnt manage to make it to Oxford until right at 9, when they started the fireworks. Well, 10 mns into the show.. about 30 yards away from where we are, I notice a buncha ppl start taking off running away from the lake and when I looked in front of us, everyone had their kids and families laying down. Go effin figure, some dumbass drunk brought his gun to the lake and was running around shotting it off. Needless to say, we hauled ass outta there.. hadta wait about 15 mns before we could leave the park there though. Everyone started leaving after that. but for the most part, Ace enjoyed the fireworks. We didnt get in until about 10:30pm and I put Ace straight to bed and the lil bugger still fought sleep! {{7/5/07}} YAY! its muh bday. w00t w00t! 22 bitches.. put that in your juice box and suck on it. o_O I was up at 6:30 this morning. I watched the neighbors granddaughter while she worked today. Ace loves kids btw... as long as they're relatively close to his height lol. We pretty much swam all day. Her Nana has a pool out behind their house and she let us go over there and swim. Ace went for a little bit, then we all went in and had lunch. Right after Ace went to sleep Mama came over. She had Scooter, Clare and Cal with her. Cal was suppose to start work today but the manager changed his mind and wont start him til Sunday. They got me a cake(yummy) and Clare got me a necklace and earrings(which I freaking love)and Scooter refused to let me put him down for the most part lol. Which was good enough for me. After a lil bit, we all went swimming again and were there for about 2 hours I think. I got a bit of color on muh face and back and whatnot. My brother is a total dork. And upon swimming with my siblings..i came up with my myspace name(lol yeah.. ima dork too...) Im sucha genious! mwhaha ... o-o by the time night falls...Ima be welcoming sleep. I start work tomorrow so Im excited and kinda nervous =D {{7/6/07}} yeehaw for work. I didnt do much today.. mainly paperwork and then Im the hostess on Sun and Mondays so, Mrs Janice was showing me what all she hasta do. I basically greet the ppl when they come in and keep everything stocked and clean in the lobby. I gotta do this on my own tomorrow .. and Saturdays are always busy so Im nervous. But hey... its work. <3 *-Whats the difference between and city and a town?-* {{7/707}} o_O ok.. im not too much into this hostessing thing. Put me behind the counter please! lol. I onlly worked about 5 hours today but shit.. i came in right during the middle of breakfast rush. It's been raining since 5am so lunch was dead and they let me off early. It was hot as hell lin there and I sweat like a whore in church( i'd like to thank Heather for that one) but I got in and we went to eat. Then we went shopping mwhaha I love shopping even if it is only grocery shopping lol. I've got a lot goling on in my head right about now and I've made some decisions on certian things. I'm proud and happy with myself. I'm also very tired... and sicka writing... *-Its peanut butter jelly time.......-* "Wait, waiit just a little more until my inside hit the floor and I swear Ive reached my shore....." {{7/8/07}} yay for being off! Now I can clean and junk. w00t w00t. Now to get Dorean Lives outta my head again... *mwhaz* Di beat me to bloggin today :( skank. I already beat her with the steak. I fully expect her to be reading this damn thing as soon as i get it posted lol. *-Im hungry and lunch is calling me-*
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