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created on 07/13/2007  |  http://fubar.com/leaving-ct/b102288

Ok for those who have sent me messages and comments I so appreciate it and value your friendship a great deal. I have had this posted for plenty of tiem now, so for those who didnt feel the need as of Monday you will no longer be on my list. Some have already been booted. So in the slim chance you didnt bothr to read or feel the need to respond this is your last shot.. Love to all those who have
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Ok I hav sent the last blog out twice, I see who reads it, if you want to stay on my list let me know by the end of next week cus I am not fucking around anymore. Leave me a comment or a private message or just shout at me, but I am keeping track of who I hear from if I dont hear from you your gone. Sorry but I want people on my list that I talk to and give a shit, not people who just like a high friends count. Thanks to those I hav heard from your friendship means a lot to me and you will be shown that her soon. Oh and P.S. Just rating this isnt gonna cut it anyone can hit a button take the time to leave something or I will figure you dont think its worth your time and keeping you wont be worth mine.
I have decided to stay here for now, but I am a bit disappointed, there have been some friends who read my bulletin and blog but nevr even said dont go or will mis you or even why? so I know who you are that wanted me to stay..I will be cleaning out my friends, fans, list so if you want to be kept on please let me know either by comment here or message me private. Those who dont within the next wek will be deleted. I want friends who want me here and want to chat or be real friends, not just those who want to hav a bigger numbr of friends. Thank you so much to those who hav let me know they care love you guys.
I am still pondering whether I should stay or not. I want to thank the few who have sent me wonderfully sweet messages telling me to stay. They meant so much to me. I am a bit fed up tho with the lies and the bs that are , unfortunately part of the norm hre. I will make up my mind by the end of the weekend. Once again thank you to the FEW of my supposed friends who have made a point of letting me know they will miss me.
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