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Photobucket ~Just Let It Be~ I went through life, meandering, wondering... Where life's road is taking me. One day up, the other, down, searching... Knowing not my destiny. All these years you were there; committed... As was I. Firm boundaries in place. Then one day, these fences fell, clattering... Leaving us both free to choose. Now we have choices, yes we do - unlimited... A freedom until now not known. No demands, no expectations; hesitating... Could we meet our separate needs? You are most wonderful by far, more exceptional... Than anyone I've ever met. You give, you love, you share - unique... Could this be it for both of us? You are kind, loving and warm; unselfish... You give so much day by day. And I receive that warmth from you, unending... Will you tell me what you really feel? The days are early - we have time; contemplating... About what's important to us both. If we were meant for one another, forever... Will all be revealed in time to come? Regardless of the signs right now, promising... We will soon know if it's for real. We both need time to heal and grow; recovering... Before embracing that new tomorrow! But while we share this journey dear, together... Let's enjoy what's ours to share. Let's be gentle with each other, loving... And enjoy what fate has sent our way! I love you angel, that you know; You are such a perfect mate! I would take you as my own, tomorrow... If I knew you felt the same. Friendship, love, respect and trust, cemented... Solidly in place for both of us. A foundation under construction; solid... For you, for me, our little ones. You and I, Please Lord! Just let it be. Peace
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