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Back to my game of putting things, thoughts, dreams, desires, fantasies down in 100 words or less....first came 'Black Netting', then 'Captured by the Moment' and now this offering......here we go....

There's a Wildness in Her Eyes Tonight....Animalistic, Carnal, Furious....I'd guessed just how little she was wearing under her trench coat, But it's still a suprise when she opens it wide in the Moonlit Street, lampost buzzing in the background.

My Heart races as I take in her lingerie clad body...

'Kiss Me'....she sighs...

I approach her tenatively...aware of the heat coming off in waves...

Her mouth is Soft and Warm and Sweet....She tastes of Lust and Desire...

'Fuck Me' she asks, begs, demands...wantonly gripping the Hardness in my trousers....

'People will see us'.....

'I Know' she smiles slyly...'I Want Them Too'.......



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