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created on 01/27/2012  |  http://fubar.com/gary-branson/b346137

Everyone believes in connecting & interacting and is aware of the caliber of social media in today’s life. It is a place where we can connect to known as well as totally unknown persons in a few seconds. And getting to know all the different aspects of their life makes connections trustworthy. Now a day everyone has social networking accounts on more than one site and business networking accounts are dealt on other different sites. But people are aware that our business connections can always add value & boost our social connections. Similarly our meaningful social connections also improve and raise our professional network building. The possible influencing effects of our professional & social connections on each other are undeniable. If professionally you are a film director, there are hundred percent chances that you would attract models and actors on your social front too which strengthen the chances of reaping benefits for both the sides but for this to happen a common platform for business and social networking site is required. However you can never be sure of getting your acknowledged professional connections on a social utility site too. On the basis of your proficiency and aptitude, you could be sought after socially as well. And your public standing also adds to the chances of raising your professional standards. It also helps in bringing transparency in our relationships thereby improving the trust factor.

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Networking is an essential part of our lives; it is fun when done socially, business when done professionally and productive when done actively. It gives us wonderful opportunities to make new friends, share interests and thus creates a sense of community. But with so many social networking sites out there, we need to be careful not to get addicted and lose track with our professional front. Social media has proven to be a great place for learning, educating and reaching out to anything & everything. Whether we want to connect to a long-lost cousin or just want to affiliate with our colleagues or want to establish business relationship with someone influential, socializing serves the purpose. It is a great platform for launching new ideas and creativity because we get feedback and reviews as soon as the word gets out and we know when we need to get back to work in no time.

Picking a host for all your networking needs, whether professional or social, is an important step for meeting all your future  goals as it will be a deciding factor for who you link to and how wide and potential is your reach. Social media presence spreads awareness and builds reliance upon individual or a group or a company etc. A platform where all the aspects of an individual’s concerns can be met, would be a great asset as it will save a lot of time which we waste while creating, keeping and maintaining different networking accounts and jumping from one page to another, relating same issues over & over again to different people on different places. Exposure should not be restricted to social/professional front only, rather a control should be provided where we can decide our prospective connections and expand our reach to both fronts simultaneously on a common stage.

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