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The largest passenger car maker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, launched the much awaited avtar of Alto 800.

Fueling a new era of simple motoring, maruti Alto 800 is ready to hit the roads in new form and feel. The latest launch alto 800 will be available in six different variants ranging from a price of Rs 2.44 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the standard petrol model and Rs 3.19 lakh for the basic CNG model.

Specifications :-


  1. Mileage : - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has been claiming that Petrol model of Maruti Alto 800 will produce approximately 23 km/ltr while the mileage of CNG model stands at 31km/ltr.


  1. Rpm Power :- New Alto 800's petrol engine can churn out 45.7 bhp of power at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 69 Nm at 3500 rpm and CNG engine produces peak power of 40 bhp at the rate of 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 56 Nm at the rate of 3000 rpm.


  1. Price :- Petrol version of Maruti Alto 800 is expected to be priced between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 3 lakh. For CNG version, the price of Maruti Alto 800 is between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh


  1. Colours : - New Alto 800 will be available in six colours. Frost Blue, Blazing Red, Silky Silver, Torque Blue, Granite Gray and Superior White.


  1. Most & Main important additions in New Alto 800 is an airbag on the driver’s side.



New Alto 800 car has become, the new version of India's highest selling car in India




Old Alto 800 – The past


Maruti Alto 800 was one of the best selling cars in India. It had included different new features in it like clear lens headlamps, sparkling tail lamps, dynamic front grill and bumper, stylish fabric, rotary control for AC etc.



Comparision with New Avatar of Alto 800 :-


  1. Mileage campare with New Avatar of Alto 800 :- Mileage Highway (km/liter) is 17, Mileage in City is 14.7, if we do campare with New Alto 800 it has 15.8 Average. New alto 800 has 18.7 Average.

  2. Power :- Alto 800 rpm power has 47PS @6200rpm and torque has 62Nm @3000rpm. Which are minimum unit campare to new alto 800.


  1. Price :- If we campare to New Alto 800, Old Alto Version is avg ex-showroom Price is Rs.3,00,403 includeing insurance, road tax and other taxes/charges extra.

  2. Colors :- Old Alto was also available in six colours. Old Alto's colors are blue balze, midnight black metallic, fire brick, silky silver metallic, ecru beige, superior white.


  1. Campared to New Alto 800, Old Alto 800 has no Safety & Security accessories, it has no Driver Air-Bags, Anti-Lock Braking System many other specifications which are lack in Old Alto 800 but now it covers in New Alto 800.



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