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OMFG Im surrounded first off by stupid superficial jerk offs. Whatever though. I got in trouble because I fucked up on the phone...granted Im also new as all hell. And some jerk off repeats himself over and over about something stupid that I tuned out cuz I had gotten the point the first time. I keep thinking Im getting the hint that I should leave but I think I will pass on that (Im a temp) and just annoy everyone and get paid...Im debating playing how badly can I fuck this shit up...seriously...I know thats not ok..and it reflects badly on myself...kind of...but its just they miss a few calls...or I hang up on some customers or piss them off....Im just a temp anyways right? Why should I get respect? Why should they?
Im not interested in being told Im beautiful or pretty or anyone wondering if I want to go out on a date....not right now anyways. Please respect that.
WArning this is if you use it steal it or try and publish it as your own...too late Ive already done it and you wont succeed....yes Im a published poet and author City Life ...(+0) ...(+0) Jul.31.2006 8:08pm edit Title: Body: Format this entry for me. (Adds
's to your line endings.) Do not format this entry for me. I look around... Hollow homes And dead city nights Isnt anyone alive anymore? I ask...knowing the answer Death and nothingness I strain my ears while I drive to hear the wind in the leaves I leave the window open at night so the gods lullaby of Night crickets sings me to sleep I drive around town Noise Not even white Noise Just mindless useless chatter of nothing Why? Give me the roaring sound of the Gods Give me thunder in its brilliance Give me the water as it crashes along the shore Give me a doe as she eats a single blade of grass at a time I was never one to fall in with societys frivilties and superfluous bullshit.... I dont even care if I used the word right you get my point Fuck the bullshit just get to the point! Where is humanity? Fallen Into a black void of living cell androids They build and they build They file and they file Do any ever wonder, question? Ask them why they follow the useless chatter of a hollow world....they tell you Money Money money useless bits of fucking paper.... Does it buy happiness? Does it bring you love? (if it does your an idiot) Does it set your heart and soul free so you feel like you can fly? No...its a trap...a dead end weight. Quite literally You work and you slave all to bring home that little piece of paper Society tells you earn harder... All for the skin and sap of a dead tree They tell makes you you.... Money helps you buy ways to express yourself.... Apparently no ones learned to just open their mouth Let words spill out Like vomit of the soul But hey at least that is real and well... out there Instead of inside poisoning your gut. Societys become the 8 of Swords Your souls become silent Your body entrapped To a slavery of self repressed denial of the truth You lost yourself Lost within the confines of materialistic beuracracy What is beauracracy do you spell it? I never bothered to care... Give me life Give me emotion Give me a pure undiluted thought Given from the depths of the body And away from materialism And yea all I talk about is give me give me A spoiled diva who just wants reality Who hopes and cant wait for armageddon Because Im tired of the bullshit Even those who claim to be so themselves Drama...thats all they got. What about intellect? What about history or literature? What about free thought and freeform Flowing uninhibited that has nothing to do with the self But everything to do with life? I drive around...the leaves whisper...Im grateful for the silence For in silence I can still catch that bit of humanity That seems to only survive in the nature That we try and kill City soul death. But I live it And here I sit... Trying to comprehend the social structure Of a world I just cant fucking seem to get.
Ok, so Ariella and I are talking on the phone and she says shes going to be one pissed off cookie...Im like, I want to see that. So I go to youtube.....type in typed in "pissed off cookie" thinking somewhere someone had to have made something stupid about a cookie being peeved. Nope...just a cat named cookie that is pissed off....*sadness*
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