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Dragonfairy's blog: "MY POETRY"

created on 02/23/2009  |  http://fubar.com/my-poetry/b279897

Its midday and the sun is beating down on me like its trying to pierce through my skin. Hot pressure sent away by the breeze that swings by so cool yet not cold enough to make a difference. I sit there on this bench in the middle of the park watching and waiting. People passing ever so gracefully going about their days as they do every time I see them. There are the dog walkers tangled up in the web of leashes just trying to stop one moment for a drink of ice cold water in the bottle strapped to their waste. Lets hope this time they don’t trip but at last they seem to have less dogs today. As I turn ever so slightly in my seat shifting from the heat, I glance over to see the playground. Full as always being it’s a Saturday afternoon and the children of this area love to be there so much. Parents gathered at a  variety of benches and tables surrounding the playground, talking amongst themselves as the children run freely chasing one another in what appears to be a game of tag. Off in the distance like an almost forgotten memory you can faintly hear the sounds of traffic buzzing around the city but here in this park it’s a more calmer peaceful feeling. Like for this very moment time has frozen to the sounds of nature. The trees swaying in the breeze so full of life their branches expanding out as if reaching for something. They hang there still as can be as though they are welcoming the birds that have perched on them taking a short rest from soaring in the open sky. They sing in praise at the beautiful day that we all are sharing together yet separate. I close my eyes and let my mind drift away as though it has somewhere to go. Listening ever so carefully to the sounds of the lovely song in which the birds have all so simply joined in together to sing. In almost perfect harmony the rustling of the leaves in the cool days breeze and the softly whispers of the collective conversations all around chime into the song in which this park joyfully sings every Saturday afternoon I come here. But at last my time here is done and off into the distance I go back into a world that is unlike the one in which I am leaving, to cherish the lovely though of the time in which I will return tomorrow. For now someone else will enjoy it until I am again on the bench watching and waiting, experiencing and enjoying a wonder afternoon at the park. 

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