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I was reminded today that some people will say anything to be liked by everyone. I wonder what it is like living life with no backbone or balls.

Its a fact. People lie. Everyone lies. I lie, you lie, we lie, they lie... Even the weather channel lies. No one knows the truth. If your religious, you lie, if your atheist you lie, if you say there is no religion you lie, if you say there is something you lie... If you say you love someone and don't stay with em forever, you lied. If you tell someone something and end up doing something else, you still lied. Say your kidding, you lied yet again. Say your the shit... lies. Your broke. Lie! Your tired! Lie! Sick? Lie! Lie! Lie! Money is time. Lie! Want to make you mine. Lie! Lieeeeeeee. You think you got it? LIAR!

The point? Everyone lies. Don't believe anyone. People lie to themselves constantly. Thus, the compulsive liars.... Which we all have to a certain degree. If you deny that, your lying to yourself. Everyone has lied to themself about something, not just to others.... Example, she/he still likes me.. LIE! I'm going to lose weight because I want to look good. LIE! I don't care if something gets in your way. If you don't follow what you say to a T, you fucking lied your ass off. No excuses. Excuses cover up your lies.

You don't look fat in that... LIE! Your beautiful... LIE! I can't be without you... LIE!... Good//Nice lies are STILL lies. LIE LIE LIE.

EVERYONE lies to you about something sometime. No one can be trusted. Not even yourself. So what do you do? Lie to yourself that your ok and everything's going to be just fine.

Get use to lies. You'll never live a happy life. You'll never be fully satisfied. Everyone is against you. No one is for you. They may say what they think you want to hear... even if its not. Saying shit just to make someone feel good is a fucking lie. A lie to them, its actually a blow to their ego. You don't think they can HANDLE the truth. So you straight up LIE to them.

I'm rich. LIE! Vacations... Lie! Travel the world. LIEEEEEE. You get this picture.

I can't break... HAHAHAHA. What A Lie!

Hiding your true emotions from others is also a lie... Wuss. Let them accept you for who you are. If they don't, then fuck them. Your better than that and don't need them.

dont hang with peeps you gotta lie to. Dont hang with peeps that lie to you.

Well guess what?!?!? Your now a loner because its IMPOSSIBLE...

No one is honest 100% of the time, and ESPECIALLY NOT YOURSELF...

So, the point of this blog?

We're all fucked, so get used it. We're all fucked forever in this god-forsaken life. Everyone on this planet is a liar and don't know what the hell they want. We're all screwed and there's no chance of anyone being happy. Honest truth. We're all going to die. Thats the only true thing that one can be sure of. We's be dead.



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