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That Northern Guhl's blog: "All in me"

created on 09/16/2006  |  http://fubar.com/all-in-me/b2774
[chorus] If you got kids back home I wanna know If you don't I wanna know If you're straight or you ain't I wanna know If you're broke I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know [verse 1] If you wanna be with me I gotta know What you doin', where your goin' Where you have been Who you loved, who you liked, who you seein' Before I let you in Because I learned from my past...oh yes I did Met a guy that I liked, he was my type But he lied 'bout his wife and he tried To play me, play me [b-section] Now how long was he goin' Wait before he told me 'bout that I can't believe he did me like that Something I should've known But I've learned my lesson Not again will I be naive I need to know the secrets ya'll keep Cause what I don't know can come back on me [repeat chorus] [verse 2] If you wanna fall in love...gotta be aware 'bout the life that your lover's been leadin' So you know if they gonna be schemin' Or if they gonna dog you out Cause I know I've had my share...oh yes I did Did me wrong...stayin' at some woman's place I'm just glad he was not a closet case Deal with cheatin'...but not that way [repeat b-section and chorus] [breakdown] Ladies, oh ladies Find out all the partners he's had So later on you won't be mad Findin' out what you don't know Fellas, oh fellas Check for that Adam's apple So you won't be on no talk show Finding out what you don't know [repeat chorus]
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