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That Northern Guhl's blog: "Your Turn"

created on 11/28/2006  |  http://fubar.com/your-turn/b29170
You kno what i've been givin advice for a long time...good advice! and i just realized that most of the people who ask me for advice are whiners....yeah i kno i whine alot about ma life but some people whine over stupid things...this dude gone ask me how can i get his dog to like him come on now i help people with real problems and that's not a problem well it is but not one that im concerned about! I help people deal with issues on life like sex, abuse, confrontations, fears, relation ship problems,and blah blah blah all that! if you cant get cha dog to like you then maybe you need a new dog!!! And a life!!! People ask me, "Dah'Brita, How can you give advice on all that if you lived a shelter life?" and i tell them that "You dont have to be out in the world to understand it or the problems of the peoplr in it" and it's true i can tell you everythin you want or need to kno from love to sex, from why the sky is blue to why chicks turn gay! I've watched and paid attention to life and how it works i may not be able to help ma self but i can help almost everyone...can sumone help me....probably not....story of ma life Dah'Brita Brown is always there for you but no one's ever here for me....but right now im tired.....i think i need a hug!!! - Dah'Brita Brown!!!
Yo right now i kno alotta ya'll are like "Dah'Brita, When ya album droppin?" Well right now im not even workin on in anymore, i kinda gotta lot to deal with! I got other options that im kinda sorta tryna explore for the time being....right now this music thing is really stressful, bein pushed to do sumthin you love, kinda takes the fun out of it! I kinda feel like Michael Jackson....lol....but any...uh...ways i just wanted all of you to kno that im still gone drop that *ish just not anytime soon!!! So look out for this DIAMOND DIVA!!! Yeah im tryna do big this with this music thing...and ma clothin line...so be on the look out.... But on the real life sucks for me right now, im kinda waitin on it yo end!!! Love you guyz!!! "Ai Yori Aoshi" - Dah'Brita Brown!!!
You kno ya too smooth you kno just what to do and kno just what to say to make everything go ya way you got me open boy and i cant even lie no matter how i try all you do is use me play me you treat me so shady why you always tryna run game and i been dealin this here for far too long now it's time for you to feel ma pain (it's your turn) now it's your to feel how i feel cry how i cry live how i live and now it's your turn to see what it's like when the one you love and doing right it's your turn
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