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This Punk Needs Help Go Bomb This Picture Show Him Lots Of Love He Wants Lots Of Bling While You're At It.... Go Show Love On His Profile! βûṨṪḜṞ ἯὛṁḁᾔ™ bf to kïmbërlY

@ fubar PhotobucketPhotobucket This Bully Brought To You By The One & Only, Never Duplicated, Super Dork... ♥Miss Andi♥ - I am SpAzTaStIc! *Clown's Posse*

@ fubar
(repost of original by '♥Miss Andi♥ - I am SpAzTaStIc! *Clown's Posse*' on '2008-05-04 12:16:01')

I am offering 25k fubucks to the first person that can provide me with verified proof of the correct name of the band and song to this video.. I know that it is not listed correctly on Video CodeZone.. I know it is NOT (ICP)/ Insane Clown Posse... so are make sure you provide me with verification of your answer when you send your answer please!

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