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Ok here's how it is going to go ..


Get as many people to you can to come to my page,  rate me, add me and mainly FAN me..

once they have done that they need to send me a drink and in the message area have them tell me who sent them (and that they became my fan) to my page..

the person who sends me the most people that become my Fan will win the $5 milion fubucks..


Pretty simple right..   so lets get started..   Contest will start  Sept. 6th @ noon futime / 3pm est

and will end Sept 13th @ 3pm est / noon futime

ღ~ק~ღ(Not Single,Not Looking) (winning bid 700,000 fubucks) *auction ended 12-24-08* ღ~ק~ღ(Not Single,Not Looking)

@ fubar ღ~ק~ღ(Not Single,Not Looking) Won me on Christmas Eve and is now my newest Fu-Owner.. Go A/F/R/C/C/B her and show her lots n lots of luv.. she's a true sweetheart and deserves lots of luv!!! So click her pic below and Rate, Fan, Add, Comment, Crush, and Bling Her A Lot!!! And Tell Her That Buster Sent Ya!!! ღ~ק~ღ(Not Single,Not Looking)

@ fubar
That's right.. Click on the pic below to come place your bid on me.. I'm in this auction as well.. so you have 2 chances to own me.. so lets get the bidding started!!! click on this link to place your bid and please dont forget to rate this blog as well.. thanks to all that bid and rate! Please dont forget to a/f/r the Auction host!
Here is the link to 1 of the auctions I am in.. Come place your bid on me please.. :D Click the pic to go place your bid.. Thanks to all that bid... Also please rate the blog too :D Thanks and have a Very Merry Christmas!
Im in an auction and so far the bid is just a lil over 200k fubucks.. come bid on me and own me for a month.. click the link below to make your bid and have me at your service for the month.. Hurry while supplies last .... lol
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