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Male · From Pacific Grove, CA · Joined on November 18, 2006 · 19 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 5 different people have a crush on me!

Are we dancing or are we loving? For only one or the other will do, but if we are dancing let us hurry up and get to the loving!

Ah about me eh? I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. *winking wickedly*

What I do in life is repair stuffies from computers to plumbing from machines to carpentry, I write a lil speculative fiction, fantasy and horror (feel free to look at the tales in my blog area), do graphic artwork (wouldn't mind if you look at my artwork that I have on display here), tutor for the college I attend as I chase my B.A. degree in graphic design and volunteer work for the Parks and Rec department keeping the historical sites here beautiful.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words let me show you a few things about whom I am...

First and foremost I'm part Cherokee with Wolf as my Spirit Guide. This is a huge part of my life and spiritual beliefs.

Please if you give the slightest damn about these both beautiful and sacred creatures, write your public officials and demand the senseless slaughter be ended. Also joining this worthy organization couldn't hurt... Defenders of Wildlife

Next I am a wee bit Scottish as well. Yeah I know I'm a mutt and damned proud of it. *Grinning an evil wolf grin* My Celtic blood has also shaped this warped beast.

Finally as you might be able to tell by the mushy song/video I chose to start off my page there is a soft side to me. Yeah yeah I'm a romantic in a realist's age, but no matter how frustrating that can be, I would never choose to be anyone but myself. I shall leave you with a few examples of the dark, twisted, rabid and feral beast that so many seem to enjoy.

Alright I have tried to say this nicely with a lil bit of humor but I do not think people pay attention and so will put it bluntly right off. If we have not met in person, if you have not hugged me, if you have not kissed me, if you have not placed my mark on your body, if you have not accepted my collar around your neck and MOST ESPECIALLY if you have not knelt before me and asked me to be yours and only yours then you have no bloody right to expect me to behave as if you have.

I would be overjoyed to have my mate in my life, but until someone takes the steps to show me they are that mate one cannot expect me to live on hope alone.

10 Simple Rules for Interaction with this MEAN, CRUEL, AND EVIL OLE BEAST

I really hate to have to spell out rules, but get the feeling I must.


Please, I come to Fubar to have fun. Life is far too stressful to have to deal with it here too. Violators will talk to the paw and be thrown into the dreaded pit of ignored!

2. Rudeness will not be tolerated! Rude people will be bitten, talk to the paw, and be thrown into the dreaded pit of ignored!

3. If you choose to judge me by a number you will talk to the paw and be thrown into the dreaded pit of ignored!

4. I work, go to college full time, try to do right by my kids/pups, take care of my father who had heart surgery and my mother who is a cancer survivor. In other words I have a life (often too much of one) and cannot spend ALL my time here. If this is not understandable, I am sorry, but my responsibilities come first.

5. I am a FLIRT as many of you know (am a wolf after all) and am happy to flirt with anyone, but that does not mean that I am in a relationship with you. I am a feral beast and carry far too many scars from the past to just jump into something. In other words I wear no one's collar and leash!
If I'm fond of you, you will know it and how much I like you by the fact that I message when I can, have you in my family, and leave personalized comments on your page. If that bothers you, you do not have to talk with me!
Hint hint those who declare me as their master, that they love me or wanna get Fu-hitched before we even know each other at least semi-well will witness my furry tail vanishing quickly into the shadows...

6. Comment priority goes to family, then those who have recently commented me, then friends that are online (I have 3,800 plus friends and understand not all can be online when I check) so if I miss you because you are not online or do not get to you please refer to rule #4.

7. If you like me I shall try to like you back and rate you. If I do not get to you, please refer to rules #4 & 6.

8. If you like me and make the effort to visit my page to rate me I shall try to like/rate/fan/friend you in return. If I do not get to you, please refer to rules #4, 6, & 7.

9. If you make the effort to visit my page to like/rate/fan/friend/comment me, I shall try to like/rate/fan/friend/comment you in return. If I do not get to you, please refer to rules #4, 6, 7, & 8.

10. Those who take the time to like/rate/fan/friend/comment/family or do other nice things whether or not I am around, on a consistent basis (you know who you are) I feel are family and shall be added as such. My thanx to those of you who have in the past and/or are still doing so in the present you have my deepest gratitude for you are true friends!
If by chance you have familied me and I have not returned the favor, please send me a private message (no SB please might not get those) and I shall rectify the error.

Note: If you want to use up a comment space that could be better served by a friend sending me well wishes for your lounge or personal advertisements then the least you can do is pay me 1 credit per day per advertisement. After all, if it is good enough for movie theaters/television stations/radio stations/web pages it is certainly fair to do here.

If in doubt please refer to rules #1-10 and the above statement.

I thank you for understanding...

Male · From Pacific Grove, CA · Joined on November 18, 2006 · 19 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 5 different people have a crush on me!

Heh O.K. I mean really how could I resist? An updated version of one of my all time fav songs mixed to images of my most favorite anime! What better way to start off showing you my interests?

*Grinning a wicked wolf grin* Yeah yeah I'm a huge flirt, comes as no surprise to you all I'm sure :P

I like hanging with friends and family, laughter, good times, partying, love video games, am 420 friendly. I am just as happy going out dancing at the clubs as I am chillin at home watching a good movie/show/anime series snuggled by a fire, or going hiking, camping, fishing in the wilderness...

Some examples of my favorite things...

Most any but especially love darker heavier metal style, am content listening to rock, alt, jazz, R&B, some country ect...
Video Games
Xbox player, have been into halo since the original but like many others, such as obviously Borderlands, Fallout, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy ect. Truly a die hard vid game fanatic who has played since consoles were pong and Space Invaders was taking over...

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