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here again

Into the Maddness

by Sherry McCoy Jones on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 10:48pm 

I found myself within the walls of maddness. Its hard to give the respect to others when others take my kindness for a weakness. I was once told that laughing is a form of being insane. Lol. People think Im crazy for the way I am. I just tell the truth some people want the truth aslong as its there truth. Not how it works people. Im me been this way my whole life. I know all types of people and I love that. If I call u my friend then to me we r, but friends can be replaced. My people id catch a charge for, my family, blood or not id die for. And they would do the same for me. What has happened? I see people betrayin the people they r suppose to love or care about. WTF. I haue seen shit that a normal person would be in a padded room behind and still I stand here doing for me and mine. So if thats maddness I will stay. For all of u that judge me join the haters at the end of the line. I know Im a good person. Ask my friends,people, or family. I live everyday like its my last, I love hard cause I dont fall often. I LAugh atleast once a day.I cry atleast once a week. I live my life one day at a time. But I am having a good time. For the few that have hurt me thank u, without u id be just like most of u. And I dont want tn be that person. I will love again and I will join the maddess and smirk as I do it because I know who Iwill be tom. If u feel me let me know. Otherwise there is a delete button here. Lol

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