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This was inspired by a sweet friend of mine (love you, girl) and also by the fact I've been told I need to have more of a blog presence (f-u, hun) The Name Game. The rules are simple, we start with a name of a celebrity. The next name in the list has either the same first or last name (phonetic similarities and spelling differences are accepted "Jorge = George" or "Joe = Joel" etc) just keep it in the ballpark..lol. The next name follows from the one preceding and so forth. The original name that started this was: Seth Rogen So we go from there.

Your result for The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test...

The Acrobat

Pirate, Monkey, Punk, Clown

Acrobats are all about fun and excitement, and living life in the moment. They are the life of a party, spontaneous and impulsive, jumping from one social gathering to another, and one thought to another in their speech, which is at times incoherent. They are fond of telling stories, which are full of wit and mischief, and can talk for hours. They are in constant need of new experiences, and find dull logic boring, craving excitement and the next new exciting, dangerous thing, to the point of often ignoring the consequences of their actions. All the world is a stage, and they are determined to explore all of it. Ever optimists, they go with the flow, trusting to improvisation and skill to get them through tough situations.

Acrobats tend towards a Borderline temperament, marked by an instability of mood, relationships and self image. They alternate between idealizing and devaluing others, and have frequent shifts of mood marked by anxiety and irritability, with periods of emptiness and boredom wherein they fear abandonment. They shop, eat, drink, and use/abuse substances impulsively, and are uncertain about their long term goals, careers and values. Their self-destructive behavior can lead to anger when their expectations are not met, or suicidal actions.

Famous acrobats include Dale Evans, Bob Hope, Willard Scott, Mary Lou Retton and Steve Irwin.

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Hey everybody. This is my first blog, so if it gets a little messed up, well, it's a new thing for me. A great friend of mine, 38ddtatas (Tonia to her friends) is in a pickle. She made a bet with a guy about collecting bling. You can read her blog here: http://www.fubar.com/blog.php?blogid=258109&pid=914386 So here is what I am asking... Anyone who helps her out with bling (cheap bling, she gets credit 'per piece') I will do something special for. I will create a folder just for those people who have helped along the way. Just make sure you send her a note that it is from me so I know which of my friends helped, and in turn who I should treat later. Thank you all for helping, she is thankful too. *kisses*
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