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50 Year Old · Male · From Charlottesville, VA · Joined on June 1, 2006 · Born on March 10th
50 Year Old · Male · From Charlottesville, VA · Joined on June 1, 2006 · Born on March 10th

Ok, I guess I put this part off long enough. A little about me.

Let's get something out into the open right off. I'm not here to "hook up", find a mistress, or anything else for that matter. I'm just here to have a little innocent fun and check out the pretty ladies. Because as the old saying goes, "you can look at the menu, you just can't order anything."

I'm 39. I'm a soccer dad (2 kids who both play), a husband, and a working stiff. I smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish (when I go out), curse like a sailor (hey I'm ex Navy), and I like to party like I'll be dead in the morning (occasionally).

I have a dirty mind and a wicked sense of humor. When I bitch on here, I usually try to do it in a way that makes people laugh.

I do amateur photography for a few local bands that I call friends. I have some that I've taken in my photo section.

I like cars, computers, video games, camping, fishing, hiking, and being in the great outdoors.

I read all the time. Mainly fantasy, but I do like some sci-fi and the occasional fiction novel as well.

I design houses for a living, yet I'm not an architect, I just play one on TV. I've had 2 houses win awards in the local parade of homes.

I've had a serious weakness for redheads since I was young, so if you are, watch out!

I'm an incorrigible flirt, and have been since I was little. And yes, it does get me into trouble from time to time.

50 Year Old · Male · From Charlottesville, VA · Joined on June 1, 2006 · Born on March 10th
I hate these damn things, really.

I'm a music fiend, but this you already know if you've bothered to read what I've written so far. I'm an avid reader, and you'll rarely find me not sitting with a book if I'm not doing something else. I like computer gaming, not console. I like cars, and car related shows. I'm a car nut I guess.

I like outside stuff like camping, fishing, hiking, that sort of stuff. I like the mountains and I like the beach. Good thing I live in Va where I can get both. I like movies, sci-fi, fantasy, action, hell, even the occasional chick flick. I'm a huge John Wayne fan and will never pass up the opportunity to watch one of his movies.

I'm into quite a wide range of music these days, always have been. Currently I'm into the Goth scene, that music is so under-rated. I will often be found at the local clubs when friends of mine are playing. I'm usually at the the Outback Lodge (http://www.outbacklodge.com). I'm a big supporter of local music, so come on down! I love 80s music and alot of the early 90s grunge/alternative bands like STP, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, that sorta stuff. On my computer I have, in no special order, Korn, Green Day, Morcheeba, Metallica, Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Tool, A Perfect Circle, 311, Beck, Cake, Evanescence, Jane's Addiction, Lenny Kravitz, Linkin Park, Moby. Orbital, Rufus Wainwright, Danzig, Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank, Crossfade, Keane, Maroon 5, Modest Mouse, Mudvayne, Nelly Furtado, Saliva, Three Days Grace. Big Head Todd &; the Monsters, Clannad (for the irish in me), Electric Light Orchestra, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Front Line Assembly, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, VNV Nation, Wolfsheim, H.I.M., Assemblage 23, Pink Floyd, Xymox, and a ton of soundtracks.

The bands I have shown here are all local to my area and are all good friends of mine. If you've never seen them live, I highly recommed them.

Bella Morte


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51 Peg

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