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Whenever the holidays arrive I always find myself reflecting on the past year. Most of you know me and know that I am a positive person. Thus, it could probably be the shittiest of years in the eyes of some, but I always seem to find the bright side. For instance, most think Mondays suck, but I think they are great. The way I figure it, if ya’ don't like your job, get another one. I do. Nevertheless, for the past month I have been reflecting on my year and my 8 months on Fubar. All in all, it has been a positive experience and I have truly had an abundance of fun meeting some wonderfully bright friends and family in cyber space. When I arrived on Fubar in April it was without fanfare. I didn't shoot to the top or buy my way into friendships. I don't do it offline and I won't conduct myself any differently online. As in real life, friends come and go for a multitude of reasons. I have experienced the good and the bad, the vile and the jealous, the beautiful and the repugnant. I have seen friends sign off to never come back to the site and I have seen friends a much needed break from the seeming insanity. Sometimes, Fubar does catch up with you in a negative way if you never log off. It's happened to me. One night a while back I ran thru my bartab and started deleting beggars and porn vendors. It wasn't long after that I realized I was experiencing a wave of boredom due to the fact I had, in effect, started eliminating some of the individuals that make this site a hilarious experience. Some claim that Fubar is fake and not real. I can tell you this, if you sit back and watch some of the things that go on, it's very much equilateral to real life. The faces, games, and self-promotion are very much the same. Some people are beautiful and some people are mean, but in the end it's the journey that makes us who we are. I have been very fortunate to experience much of the former rather than the latter. I have been blessed with a wonderful Fu Family. Before the whole auto 11 thing broke loose, I can recall a month in August, us working as a family to get 5 or six of us up to the Godfather level and above. I recall the week that that my TOPS worked my page day in and day out, around the clock trying to get me through the 2 million points to GF. It was a very quick run and remember the feeling of exhilaration and warmth that coursed through me as they - and many of their friends - ran off that last 900k points on a Sunday. I was about 800k to Disciple when the Auto 11s came around and I was one of the first to have one. I was leveled in about 20 minutes that night. I recall that leveling, Prophet, and Oracle very vaguely. But the memory of the level to GF is still brilliant in my mind. I made so many good friends that Sunday that extended and expanded my Fu Family exponentially. Most are still with me to this day. I'm not forsaking the fact that I currently reside at the top level, that I was the Golden Oracle at 50, or that I was the first DC Oracle. I have always known these facts, but never relied on them. Yet none of that generates the nostalgic warmth similar to the feeling I was given the day I reached Godfather. And it was just that...a gift from the masses assembled by those closest to me. All in all, I have had a wonderful time on Fubar. I am thankful for my wonderful family and giving friends. I am grateful that I have been able to associate with some very fine individuals on the site and I am at peace with those I may have lost along the way. Everyone close to me knows that I am a friend through and through. I agree to disagree at times and I accept when I am wrong. I am thankful to those that have coined themselves “Chiina Dolls” and have pledged their allegiance and unending friendship to me.(BTW, that was something they chose and not something I encouraged). But foremost, I am thankful that I look forward to signing on each day to see my wonderful friends and look forward to each and every friend request that is sent my way. The beauty of the site is that we keep on moving forward, don’t digress too far into the past, and reap a bounty of ancillary benefits in the daily triumphs while playing the game. Some seem to think that others are too serious on here and this blog may fit that mold. But I am quite serious when I say that I am thankful that I found Fubar and the wonderful individuals that comprise this online community. I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving !!!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday !!!!
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