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Cupcake and I thought we would try something a little different for fubling giveaways. You will definatly have to self bomb and if you want to bring any of your friends to help that is great. here is a list of family members we entered in giveaway. Faithful1 Berrymuffin TaTa Cupcake Butterfly Dark Kitty Sharon Sam Smitty Chickie Newccy Evonne Choppie Imcrazybitch Shannon Cheri Stephani Lynn is hosting it and it will be in her folder BLING Sale. Folder will open at 6am fubar time, and you have a week from open to get 3500 comments. most of us have multiple accounts and friends who will help out.. I also will use hp to help out everyone i can. We decided to do this cause we couldnt figure out who to put in it. If stephani lynn isnt on your friends list already you will need to rate, fan and add her.. folder will be open to friends only. Her is link to her page. Stephanie Lynn

@ fubar hope we all have fun with this. i know it is different then what you are use to .. Good luck
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