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Ok, this is whats going on. Since we, the FUBAR world, & Fiesta Tappers lost Berrymuffin, it has been disorganized and lots have left the crew. Now, I am asking the Fiesta Tappers oppinions. Who wants to stay and who wants to go? Chickie Momma & Dark Kitty want to try to keep it together and hopefully get us back the wonderful crew we used to be when we first starrted. But it seems as though many people joined and they are in multiple families. They really have not done much for any of tour crew, just concerned with what they can get for themselves. That is NOT what we are all about. We were once strong for a small crew getting started. Let us know now what your intentions are, if you are staying or leaving, and if any one is interested in any contests or giveaways. Communication and team work is the key to keeping strength in any thing!
Hello Fiesta Tappers, We are writing this blog because we noticed there were a few of you(we won't mention names, you know who you are) that did not help out with the POW. We picked Evonne due to the vote we held and some of you that suggested her did not even go in there to help. That is not fair to the few of us that used multiple accts. Please keep in mind that you can't expect help if you don't help in return. Also, we will pick POW and giveaways according to who helps. Please step up and make sure you are doing your part. Also a few tappers had outside help come in to help level her. with as many that is in our crew we shouldn't have to count on outside help. Also would like to thank everyone that has helped!! Your work will not go unnoticed. Thank you!!
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