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Happy Country Girl's blog: "Music"

created on 08/22/2007  |  http://fubar.com/music/b119031

Freaky Girl

Shaggy Freaky Girl [Verse] High heels gosh you look sexy I'd steal a touch if you let me I'm just dyin' to kick it with you girl Hey boo show me you're ready Lips looking juicy like cherry I can almost taste your flavor girl [hook] But it seems like you're the wrong type Don't you ever get upset girl I'd like to see you sweat It just feels like you're too uptight Girl you're too conservative and that ain't how I wanna live [chorus] I wanna a freaky girl somebody just like me Someone who understands just what a player needs Ain't with those perfect girls that shit don't click with me A very naughty girl that's what I need [verse] Handcuffs can you get freaky How far will you go to please me Whips and chains girl are you down with that Strange places searching for pleasure I want you to meet me wherever Wearing just an overcoat and hat [hook] Or was I right you're the wrong type You don't ever get upset I ain't never seen you sweat It just feels like you're too uptight Girl you're too conservative and that ain't how I wanna live [chorus] Want a girl fi love mi up hug mi up give it to me right Swing from me shower curtain and from mi light Hot piece of loving cerry me right through the night I can't take the pressure when you put pan mi haa Well me love it when you ride pan me haa Really love it when you climb pam me haa Cause me know you naw go hide from me haa Freaky girl me hipe pan it hee
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