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Kloverlynn's blog: "SB chronicles"

created on 11/06/2009  |  http://fubar.com/sb-chronicles/b318833  |  7 followers


Last night I was stuck on Deacons playlist,,,which gae me that oh so great nostalgic feeling for a bit..however it left many things in my head. So I will now leave them in yours...if you are near my age...you may get a few memories of your own

~Izod shirts(pastel colors)

~rubber ducky condom tshirts

~penny loafers..WITH the penny

~jelly sandals

~wicker sandals

~hammer pants

~puma tennis shoes

~ratted hair

~aqua net hairspray

~jolt cola

~zots candies

~sea monkies

~magic 8 ball

~Casey Kasem

~radio dedications

~Knight Rider

~ Miami Vice

~Ripped denim

~ Waynes World

~Encino Man


And now for yourviewing pleasure/disdain whichever it may be.....


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